• Rearrange Dash Iconz


    Info dates badly on t’net; Google does not give up the goods. Left click drag does not work…

  • जानकारी बुरी तरह से t’net तारीखों; Google सामान छोड़ नहीं देता बायां क्लिक ड्रैग काम नहीं करता …

  • When I say the dash, I mean the dock. Is it as simple as changing cursor theme?

  • And with dock you mean what?
    Today there are many …

    What is your Desktop Environment? (Gnome, KDE , XFCE, Openbox, Mate, Cinnamon)
    What you have done/try exactly to configurate the dock?

  • Sorry, assuming mind reading capabilities;

    GNOME, I refer to the default left hand dock. I have a few extensions installed, maybe one is rogue? However, left/right/middle click do not work.

  • the gnome-tweak-tool handle the extensions mainly…

    Mouse do not work after fresh install or do you tinker on it already?
    and only for completness: system is up to date? and when do you install system? and one more, what mouse/touchpad e.t.c.???

  • In my own world AGAIN?!?

    Left/right/middle click does not work in regard to moving dock icons.

  • So what you have installed as extensions? and to do that with the dock you need dash-to-dockn activated and installed…
    Bild Text
    Rigth Top is a slider to enable/disable all + each extension needs to be activated as it own…

  • Dash to Dock comes preinstalled & activated with Antergos, maybe it’s a bug?

  • @fleamour said

    Left/right/middle click does not work in regard to moving dock icons

    It actually is keep the left button pressed while repositioning an icon. You might have to drag it a littkr upwards and lower it to the position you want it to be. Doesn t it work this way?

  • No. But it is a KVM virtual instance.

  • @fleamour said

    it is a KVM virtual instance

    Sorry, I know nothing in such a case.

  • https://youtu.be/LmU89QpDTKQ
    works same inside virtualbox, i can change positions with left mouse button pressed…

  • Well that is buggy behaviour, triple checking Dash to Dock extension settings & enabling built-in theme then disabling got it working as it should.

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