• Whats the most stable desktop enviroment for antergos ?

    Right, so ive been using antergos gnome for a few months, its nice but its very buggy and unstable , sometimes i close my laptop and when i open it the screen never comes back on and i have to force shutdown , other times things just lock up and freeze and i can only move the mouse cursor , its really unpredictable even though my ram doesnt get filled up.And there are other buggy things which i have yet to list. Yet i never have any buggy problems on my macbook, i just dont get it .Are there any antergos users that speak full fluent english that can tell me which is the best stable preferred desktop environment for antergos ? I really dont want to go back to manjaro because they are way to slow at adding new software updates

  • This might not be the answer you are looking for but:

    Antergos is part of Arch, which is a rolling Distro, which means you always get the latest packages. So is Manjaro (well, not to that extent).

    I’ve experienced some instability lately myself (last 2 months). I interpret this as a leap (hopefully) in Gnome3.

    Do you use GDM? If not, maybe you should try that. And disable lightlocker, use Gnome3 and privacy / power options.

    What I am saying is that there are other Distros which are know for their stability, but then you have all the sacrifices…

  • Let me add to the above suggestions, that the most important factot is the harware used. What DE I might suggest as perfect, applies to my own, sole hardware not yours.

    @cookiedemon said

    sometimes i close my laptop and when i open it the screen never comes back on and i have to force shutdown

    Doesn t Ctrl+Alt+F2 function so that you restart, shutdown etc via tty screen and (at least) avoid force shutdown?

  • @anarch yes sometimes ctrl alt f2 does work, but i usually dont do it coz i have to type user name,then, type password and then type sudo reboot , so i just hold the power button down and force shutdown instead … is there a way to start the desktop back up with ctrlaltf2? and im using a generic intel acer laptop , no nvidias , no ati’s. its integrated , so the graphics are ran off entirely by the cpu . But clearly gnome is working for me, so i seek a more stable environment so i can have a linux as stable as my macbook without freezes, black screens et cetera

  • @izznogooood ohh yes i know, i tried manjaro recently , and went right back to antergos as soon as i saw some of the packages were old in it, they are always weeks behind on things , thats why i prefer antergos. Antergos is the only distro i like right now , there are no other distros that are bleeding edge with the AUR. I tried doing a fresh xfce antergos install , and it was really bad and had a lot of missing things, so im afraid and trying to find the best environment for antergos

    light-locker was already disabled in privacy, do you know how to stop laptops from sleeping when lid is closed ? i hate that because its a 60% chance that when i reopen it the screen wont come back on and i have to force shutdown . Do you know how to make it only lock the screen when lid is closed ?

  • @cookiedemon

    I tried doing a fresh xfce antergos install , and it was really bad and had a lot of missing things,

    What exactly are you missing? I just installed the xfce DE myself with out problems. Check in Pamac if all xfce and xfce-goodies are installed. Or rerun the install in console using Ctl-Alt-F2.

    sudo pacman -S xfce4 xfce4-goodies

    Normally you should be able to prevent the PC to hibernate in the Power settings.

    Currently I am using Xfce and Plasma. Both are very stable

  • @cookiedemon As was mentioned before, if you’re using Gnome+LightDM, you might want to consider using GDM as a DM instead as the various lid/switch/power/dim functions are supported when using Gnome + GDM. I never had an issue when running Gnome+GDM on a Lenovo laptop. You may want to tweak and comment your /etc/systemd/logind.conf as well. I’m considering moving to GDM only for the supported screen dimming, but LightDM is fine for now with my laptop habits.

  • @axioma that was when i installed antergos brand new with xfce , its better to install xfce after you install antergos .But I just installed the xfce-goodies, and from what i just experienced , it is busted and broken , all i did was change a font, and then it got bricked, all the panels and window stuff closed ,nothing loads up in it except a blank screen and cursor , So xfce needs a lot of work

  • @triode13 oh i dont really understand any of that stuff you just wrote,its too complicated, i will have to research it

  • For rolling-release distros, I’d go for something that doesn’t see a lot of changes (updates). With Arch, I use Xfce and Openbox (yeah, I know Openbox is a window manager, not a desktop environment). With Antergos, I’m using only Openbox.

    I’ve run KDE and GNOME with other rolling-release distros; in each case, eventually ran into problems. That’s why I’ve stayed away from those two DEs with Arch and Antergos. YMMV, as they say.

  • My experience: I installed Antergos with Mate and I decided I wanted thick panels on the sides of the screen, like app bars, so I installed xfce and the extra bits on top and haven’t had a worry since. o

  • @cookiedemon
    You’re aware of the three different Manjaro branches, unstable ( very close to Arch stable/Antergos with several updates/day), testing ( Not as up to date as unstable, uodates several times/week) and stable (kind of semi rolling, with updates only every week or so)?
    Which branch did you use in your Manjaro?
    Or are you just raanting here?

  • @blinky
    Frankensteined DEs ( aka mixed DE systems) can and will cause problems sooner or later, especially if you mix GTK2 and GTK3 this way.

  • I have been running plasma5 for months, I did not expect major problems that were caused by the plasma DE, I even tend to say that plasma5 is boring because it just works.

  • @Jeannie____ yeah i was aware. I dont know fully why but i didnt really care for manjaro that much and im still not interested in going back to it, and i used the regular one that you download on their page.And i was ranting because i got really anguished when the xfce i recently installed got bricked after i changed fonts .SAme thing happened in majaro xfce too. certain fonts will kill an xfce desktop. It seems that no matter which desktop linuxes and environments i use theyre always buggy and have quirks , something is always closing or freezing ,blank screen, or breaking. I am now using KaOS , and i still experience plasma bugs. Ive never had these problems as bad using macos or windows, but i got tired of always only using those os’s

  • xfce, mixed GTK2/GTK3 horror.
    But I am sure the 9 xfce devs will have finished the transition to GTK3 in 2020.

  • @cookiedemon I use Openbox with mine. One of the best version out of the box that I’ve seen and use.

  • @ghostdawg I couldnt use openbox , as i require certain filemanagers like nemo or dolphin so i can get thumbnails for krita files and gimp files etc since i draw a lot A desktop without thumbnails for my files would be very bad

  • @Jeannie____ nah , it aint that bad, though some things do pile on top of eachother like screensavers and lock screens , i fixed my xfce with rm -rf .config/xfce4 it reseted everything back to default so i was able to get in it again. xfce and kde are possibly the best desktops one can get , but i still have problems with intel graphics., because of black screens, not sleeping properly, freezes etc. guess linux doesnt take to well with intel graphic stuff idk. I still seek more stability within linux ,otherwise i cant use it as a daily driver. so maybe in 2020-2025 linux will be a little bit better

  • @cookiedemon Interesting, you can install those filemanagers with openbox, they will probably pull in a bunch of other crap with it. I use PCmanFM with my setup and it show thumbnails. Another good one is Thunar.
    Intel graphics works really well with Linux, maybe not the very latest ones out, until the drivers are available.
    Just a thought!

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