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    Hallo guys,
    Ive been using Linux for long time and i still use is yet. Few weeks ago i changed from Ubuntu to Antergos and at the installation my PC made some problems and did no response, so i forced it to shutdown ,then when ive started my PC again and tried it, i could than install Antergos. Now the problem that appeared to me is that i cant open Win10 (btw. i have a dual boot system). It says that the system does not know whats on the windows partition, so the partition of windows is still here, but it is displayed as unknown partition and not as nfts ( or something like that). Does anyone maybe know how i can get my Win10 back. If possible, without formating the Win10 Partition.

  • @Cpt_Blueberry said

    It says that the system does not know whats on the windows partition,

    This is when you try to boot from Windows or you checked it with gparted? What does gparted give you? Also, can you see the Windows if you open your file manager?

  • Actully my grub manager does not even show Windows so i cant start windows. And thats what gparted shows :0_1497037530374_Screenshot_20170609_191328.png

    sry :| its in german but, you can see the translation of the colors, sda1 was windows, now it says unknown.

  • Ok, thanks. I hope this could help members dual booting with Windows. If it was both Linux systems, I would be sure that I have goodbye to the “unknown” partition.
    Still did you…

    @anarch said

    Also, can you see the Windows if you open your file manager?

  • Does not look good to me… may you can try to rescue the partition, this is not a normal behavior also on a slowdown, because installation do not touch the windows partition if you do not do that within manual partition.

    May it is only filesystem corruption and you can rescue with Windows CD ? but commonly you have allways some kind of extra partition with Windows:
    Bild Text

  • You’re sure you have the ntfs-3g package installed? I have had trouble in the past when I didn’t have the proper disk tools for a partition’s format.


    As a last resort, I have used the Rescatux live disk to repair my installations in the past. Of course you would have to be comfortable using it. WARNING: BACK UP YOUR DATA BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES


    As @joekamprad has said it looks as if your missing a small partition(s). Here’s mine:

    alt text http://i.imgur.com/7bTCUZz.png

    Windows installs the Master Boot Record, GPT (if UEFI) on that partition(s).

    Rebuilding the MBR, GPT (if UEFI) may resolve the problem. How to do so may well depend on what partition style you are using MBR vs GPT (if UEFI) .

    Maybe these will help:




  • you can check if ntfs-3g is installed but this is a direct depend from gparted…

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