• freeze / slowdowns while copying files to fat32 and exFat

    Hey Everyone,

    I got a strange problem: when I copy files to my usb-thumb-drive (Fat32), the system freezes partly or becomes very slow/unresponsive.

    Does anyone knows the reason for this behavior or knows a solution? I am using latest updates and gnome-shell.

  • Anyone with any ideas?

  • @a4orce84 Hi!
    I can tell you that copying from hd to USB (vice-versa too) is slow here too, the same for compressing files; but only with big files, consuming processor and ram. Maybe you are doing it with big files too and you have not enough processor or ram to do the job?

    Antergos (default OS) - WIN10 (abandoned)
    I3wm - Mate desktop
    AMD - A4 7300 Radeon graphics
    16 GB ram
    HD 1 TB
    Linux newbie since 06/2016

  • It’s with some video files, so mostly it’s a few gigs (2-4GB) at the most. My use-case is mainly when I am copying from the HD to the USB Flash drive. It will sometimes ‘time out’ and sit there with the copy dialog box there for more than 20 minutes (frozen).

    I don’t have any issues in my windows partition when I do the same actions, so it is NOT a hardware issue as far as I can tell.

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