• freeze / slowdowns while copying files to fat32 and exFat

    Hey Everyone,

    I got a strange problem: when I copy files to my usb-thumb-drive (Fat32), the system freezes partly or becomes very slow/unresponsive.

    Does anyone knows the reason for this behavior or knows a solution? I am using latest updates and gnome-shell.

  • Anyone with any ideas?

  • @a4orce84 Hi!
    I can tell you that copying from hd to USB (vice-versa too) is slow here too, the same for compressing files; but only with big files, consuming processor and ram. Maybe you are doing it with big files too and you have not enough processor or ram to do the job?

  • It’s with some video files, so mostly it’s a few gigs (2-4GB) at the most. My use-case is mainly when I am copying from the HD to the USB Flash drive. It will sometimes ‘time out’ and sit there with the copy dialog box there for more than 20 minutes (frozen).

    I don’t have any issues in my windows partition when I do the same actions, so it is NOT a hardware issue as far as I can tell.

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