• Qt5 upgrade

    THis morning I upgraded my XFCE system and the applications built on qt5 (cantata, VLC) don’t start anymore. Even no process in the background.
    Any suggestion?

  • vlc needs qt4 for the gui.
    cantata depends on qt5-svg

  • @joekamprad and so? why I can’t see them anymore exactly after the update?

  • take a look on dependency of the packages and reinstalling them is what i would do.

  • thank you @joekamprad, I checked and all the dependencies are there, reinstalled Cantata qt5 (the one I had) and nothing changes

  • @fabio
    i had the same problem. I found two possibilities to fix that.

    1. change the qt-theme in qt5-settings to any other theme than gtk2 theme.
    2. Uninstall qt5-styleplugins from antergos-repo and install the AUR-version instead.

    It seems that there are some incompatibilities in different qt-versions.

  • @achberger.samuel this is what i want to say now (1.) :(

  • Thank you for helping.
    As soon as I am at my pc I try that.
    But, for vlc it should be the same solution?

  • For vlc I am not sure. Maybe not, because it is an qt4 application. Try to start vlc in the terminal, it will tell you witch dependencies are missing. If you are not sure, post the output.

  • Ok, thanks a lot :)

  • Right now, before trying to fix my problem as you suggested, I found updates of qt5-styleplugins ( and vlc (git version), and after I did them, all is back perfectly working.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Patience can be a virtue ;)

  • Oh yes ✈

  • you are welcome! yes i reported this bug. They told me that they fixed it now. :)

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