• Issue with booting liveUSB

    Hello, I am sorry if it is wrong place to ask.
    So, Recently was messing a bit with Antergos, broke it, and had to burn antergos again on USB. I remember that versions before 17.6 were working fine, but… 17.6 gives me: Either kernel panic ( used dd to do liveusb ) or initramfs unpacking failed: XZ-compressed data is corrupt ( Using rufus ). Um… My motherboard is H61M-K

    Again, sorry if I wrote too few information.

  • i would say your USB-Stick is broken, you can try to completly erase the stick before writing the image.

    $ dd if=/dev/urandom of= usb stick
  • Tried doing so, still getting kernel panic. And I am quite sure USB is fine, because other distros works just fine. ( Thanks for tryng to help >//< )

  • you can use also older ISO if they are working better for you may you will have a problem wuth packages changes but the last one 17.5 should work.

  • Uhh… Actually I think itnwould be short term solution… Decided to try to install arch, but, after setting up bootloader, I got same kernel panic. Well. I think I will have to use different distro… Sadly, because I really like Antergos.

  • Would Manjaro work for you perhaps?

    I know they are based on Arch, but are not nearly as close to "pure Arch’ as Antergos is. Maybe it would work?

  • I think I will try manjaro then. Though… It would be nice to be able to use arch or antergos.

    Edit: Will try something else. Will try to boot using iGPU ( Intel HD 4000 ) instead of GTX 660 ( Well… might be nouveau issue? )

  • @Haruna said in Issue with booting liveUSB:

    GTX 660

    yes good if you can unplug the Card combination of Asus Board and newer nvidia card sounds problematic to me ;)
    And a lot better then installing manjaro …
    better pure arch then!

  • Well… Wont switching preferred GPU in UEFI to Intel HD work too? I guess I will try to install arch again.

    Edit: Managed to get Arch installed, but… while booting installed Arch ( Since liveusb has older kernel, and the one installed… 4.11.3… ) same kernel panic. I guess I will stick to manjaro for a while, and wait for new kernel update. Anyway, I am really glad you at least tried to help me here!

  • Sorry if If I sound naive. I was wondering if the lts kernel could be selected to to check if it can proceed with the installation. Either as vanilla Arch or an older Antergos iso . No?

  • Actually I would like to try older antergos iso ( 17.5 ) but… Is it possible to download it? Everywhere I see, can only download 17.6.

  • I don t know this. But do you happen to have any handy. I was forced to re-install my system, less than a month ago. Instead of waiting to download an iso, I dropped in a December live dvd I happened to have. It updated and installed flawlessly.

  • If you wait a day or so, I can see if I can upload my older .iso (17.5) onto Github for you🙂. If I can, I’ll let you know in this thread.

  • @Haruna said in Issue with booting liveUSB:

    Well… Wont switching preferred GPU in UEFI to Intel HD work too?

    Shure if you can do inside your EFI-Shell then this will do the job too ;)

  • Oo, never heard of linuxtracker. Will try. Well… looks like I will have to stay a bit longer ( it is night here. )
    Anyway, thank you everyone, hopefully that iso from linuxtracker will work.

    Edit: It booted up! And… Looks like it works if I install it with nvidia prop. drivers. So, yea, again thanks for help! It was quite fun day, especially because kinda managed to install arch earlier ( wait… I could just install nvidia drivers back then… )

  • Yay!

    I’m glad you got Antergos working for you! In that case, I don’t think I’ll put the .iso on Github then if it’s already somewhere else🙂

    Oh, never heard of linuxtracker

    Me neither. Thanks @joekamprad for opening up another resource for me.

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