• Lightdm + lightlocker under Gnome research for a working solution

    I’m still thinking about it. For now, It’s hard to get started at this time of the year (mid summer). If I decide to start deving a DE from scratch, it will be a little bit later in the year. October or November seems to be a more suitable time for me.

    Also, I rally don’t want to give you false hopes guys! The chance I come to develop something good are very light! Plus, it’s going to be a very long process. Even if I start today and work on it every day, I can’t see how I can deliver something nice and reliable inside of a year or two. I have so much to learn! I’m a web developer doing good with high level language. I have no experience with C, C++, Python and I’m still new to linux. I gonna have to learn how to work with Wayland as well. Wayland documentations and tutorial seems impossible to find.

    For now, It’s more like a dream than a reality. I can’t promisse anything. Let wait and see 🙂

  • Been away for a while and I am really glad to see that more criticism is spread over the Gnome dev s attitude. As to me, you know:the farther away from Gnome and GTK 3 , the better.; I m quite happy with Plasma (so far).
    As a word of advice: To keep yourselves trouble-free avoid any DEs dependent on each GTK 3 upgrades. Cinnarch (pre-Antergos) knows this and I wonder why the Antergos devs got rid of the old problem (Cinnamon unable to stay in tune with Gnome upgrades) replacing it with the present one. -:)
    Some good news. Budgie is adopting QT. Not adopting KDE libraries or plasma, though. Just degnomising. Starting from Budgie 11.

  • Budgie appeal me a lot! It just feel a little bit to unripe for my taste, but I can see all the potential! I have great respect for what Solus team are doing.

  • @iSpeakVeryWell said in Lightdm + lightlocker under Gnome research for a working solution:

    For now, It’s more like a dream than a reality.

    Same here actually! I would love to create my own, but I just don’t have the time or knowledge (especially the knowledge🙂) right now. It would be amazing if someone else did though!
    (And no pressure @iSpeakVeryWell. I mean it. I’m not trying to force you to do this in any way, it just sounds like such a fascinating project).


    I try the solutions here on several installations, and it works perfect.

    As i think this should be the default settings for Antergos-Gnome and it is might be possible to include this settings automatic, i will take a look into this.

    But for now i will put a WIKI-Howto up for it.

  • Thank you so much for making the Wiki article, @joekamprad! Until now, I never quite figured out who’s solution was the working one😄.

  • @joekamprad Thanks a lot! I think it explains the problem and the solution very well. I would simply add something like “If you don’t want this file to get overwritten with the different updates, then:”

    sudo chattr +i /etc/xdg/autostart/org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Power.desktop

    “If you want to roll back the changes, then the file can be modified again after typing”

    sudo chattr -i /etc/xdg/autostart/org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Power.desktop
  • Yes i was thinking about this problem while i was writing the wikientry…

  • @joekamprad I have just edited the article and submitted this addition to the wiki.

  • @joekamprad said in Lightdm + lightlocker under Gnome research for a working solution:


    Please have a look and add what you think is needed!
    @iSpeakVeryWell @johnnybegood

    Thumbs up! It’s well done! I’m using GDM for now, but next time I install Antergos I will try this trick for sure!

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Unfortunately this is not solved. Apps such as Caffeine do not work with Lightdm so is not a real solution from what I can tell. When installing the Caffeine gnome shell extension one should be able to disable the screen locker when it is clicked.

  • @horga83 open a new thread on your issue plz!

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