• Lightdm + lightlocker under Gnome research for a working solution

    I think that should be what gnome Devs should do at the Source!
    So everybody can benifit from ;-)

  • @joekamprad I could not agree more! 🙂

    @iSpeakVeryWell said he will file the bug, let’s see what Gnome devs say. The only thing that worries me is that they might not be interested in fixing this since it is way to make users use their own desktop manager. As you know, in the forums most users say, ‘if you want no trouble, switch to gdm’. However, let’s wait and see. Hopefully, Gnome devs will prove me wrong and give a solution at the source. 👏

  • there is one secure way to let them agree:
    provide a solution that uses less code, and simplify the handling ;)

  • Bug filed : gpm-common.c deliberately disable builtin screensaver. See bug 686339.

    I hope they will agree with my thoughts and do something to fix this.

    Otherwise… Develop a new DE from scratch sounds to be very fun! =D and challenging! XD and time consuming! XD But still very fun! haha! :p

  • just for your info: i changed the power settings in the dconf editor also on my laptop that I am using regularly and everything works fine.

  • @khedron what has you setup inside light-locker?
    and what gives you:

    xset q | grep Standby


  • @khedron and everyone else.

    khedron’s dconf config works for me. Thanks everyone!

  • I also confirm that @khedron’s dconf config works for me. I am pleasantly surprised to see that that the ‘blank’ option that he found is passing both to gdm and lightdm without any problem. I think this solution, changing some settings in dconf, is less aggressive than mine, that is, totally disable gsd-power plugin. Both are working without issues so, if the bug file by @iSpeakVeryWell is not solved, I think lightdm locker settings in Gnome could change the settings in dconf rather than resorting to xset, which is going to be constantly overridden.

    Another question is if the name of the key (sleep-inactive-ac-type) is very intuitive or not for our purposes. Sometimes you find definitions like “Dimming on idle is a “warning” that the screen will soon blank, so make the value closer to the idle delay”, which you can find on this commit, which is also connected to this commit, when they decided to remove such a useful option to save battery life. That is why I have mentioned dimdaemon or brightd in previous posts, I cannot live without one of the best options to save battery life that Macbooks use constantly.

    However, those are other questions that do not correspond to our problem. I think more users like me and @triode13 should also confirm it’s working properly and, if it is, perharps the moderators could could consider marking this topic as solved, since there are three possible ways were provided by the community to solve the issues with lightdm and light locker:

    • Gnome devs fixing the bug that has already been filed by @iSpeakVeryWell (still in progress)

    • Using dconf settings provided by @khedron alt text

    • Completely disable gsd-power plugin by patching the desktop file


    Honestly, this is a good example of team work and what a community is. Thanks everyone!

  • This seems to solve the problem here too!

    The light-locker settings are not overwritten anymore… screen is blanking and power off by his own powersave mechanism inside the monitor i think… because screen off timer does not work out of light-locker, the settings do not write the power off monitor time to xset…

    DPMS (Energy Star):
      Standby: 360    Suspend: 0    Off: 0
      DPMS is Enabled
      Monitor is On



    Also without the hackin of the:


    the settings for switch off display from light-locker will be overwritten.
    So no matter what, the power off screen is not working by any of the solutions…

  • @joekamprad I was editing my post when you answered, I’ll look into it too. Thanks.

  • @joekamprad Sorry, it’s not clear to me when your xsettings are overwritten or not in your experience. In my case, if gsd-plugin is enabled, settings are always overwritten after a couple of minutes, but it’s possible to get screen blanking with the settings provided by @khedron irrespective of xsettings values. If gsd-plugin is disabled, then xsettings persist in the session and also across reboots.

  • On my experience:

    if i do the dconf-editor “hack” plus the disable of the org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Powerby making it not “visible” by Gnome Desktop , i can set the value for blanking screen inside light-locker but not “switch off monitor” this value is changeble inside light-locker settings but do not set xset to the choosen value, looks like it has copmplete no effect to the settings (XSET) so not the problem on overwritten xset.

  • @joekamprad I totally agree, but I think that’s because of the way light locker settings writes the values in the screensaver-settings.desktop. As you wrote a few days ago:

    @joekamprad said in Lightdm + lightlocker under Gnome research for a working solution:

    xset dpms <Standby> <Suspend> <Off>

    looks like light-locker only effect to <Off> but write this value to <Standby> …

    the sudpend rulings do not have any effect to xset

    I works in my case if you manually change the file and set the <Off> value, but not in <Standby> or <Suspend>. I don’t know if I’m mixing things, sorry, I just want to understand it.

  • O h Oh … yes it was me mixing forgetting the things here ;)

    light-locker-setting only set xset suspend time if you change “switch off” inside LLS !

    would be intersting to see if this is simple a bug inside light-locker-settings?

  • @joekamprad I think it might well be, yes.

  • /home/USERNAME/.config/autostart/screensaver-settings.desktop

    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=set timeout of the screensaver
    Exec=xset s 360 dpms 600 0 0

    is what light-locker-settings is doin…


    BUG reported: @lots-0-logs

  • This seems to be a good read to understand DPMS. Especially the fourth paragraph of the “Display Introduction” chapter. Display Introduction @ Saving Power on idle PCs

  • @joekamprad said in Lightdm + lightlocker under Gnome research for a working solution:

    BUG reported: @lots-0-logs

    I think what you are looking for is line 695 light-locker-settings.py

    It should look something like : (please, keep in mind that I know nothing about Python syntax)

    screensaver_exec = "xset s %i dpms %i %i %i" % (screenblank_timeout, screenoff_timeout, screenoff_timeout, screenoff_timeout)

    instead of just :

    screensaver_exec = "xset s %i dpms %i 0 0" % (screenblank_timeout, screenoff_timeout)

    I think dpms behaviour depend of each screen. Some screen won’t react to suspend or standby but will react to off. Others will react to all. Mine for example react to all dpms modes. I’ve tried this (I suggest you do too!) :

    1. xset dpms 5 0 0
    2. xset dpms 0 5 0
    3. xset dpms 0 0 5
    4. xset dpms 5 5 5

    My screen gave me the same result for all those settings. It always goes off after 5 secondes.

    Let us know how it goes for you!

  • Yes same here but i never see a command like this one inside the .desktop file

    xset s 360 dpms 1 2 3

    and if i put

    xset dpms 5 0 10

    i can see after 5 sec. screen blanks (backlight still activ) after 10 screen went off.

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