• Error booting to live USB

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    Whenever I try to boot to my live USB to install antergos this screen comes up just before the normal desktop screen. Any help fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Not sure why the picture didn’t upload but it is here: https://imgur.com/wyT1VxY also.

  • try add acpi=off to kernel boot line on startup

  • @joekamprad
    I tried that and it went to a black screen with a blinking white line in the top left corner and is stuck there.

  • Do you have some hardware information?

  • @joekamprad
    It is a HP 251-a123wb
    Processor Type: Intel® Pentium® CPU J2900 @ 2.41GHz
    Processor Speed: 2410MHz
    L1/L2 Cache Size: 56Bx4 / 2048KB
    Memory Size: 4096 MB DDR3 / 1333MHz / Single Channel
    Channel A: XMM1 4096 MB
    Channel B: XMM2 0 MB
    BIOS Revision/Date: vA0.10 01/15/2016
    I’m not positive about the video card but I believe it is a Intel® HD Graphics

  • Errors are unusual, and your system should not be a problem to boot.
    May your usb stick is not properly installed.

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