• Installing Yaourt

    So I tried to install Yaourt but got rather confused when I began to look through the pacman config file. Am I supposed to swap the antergos repository with the archlinuxfr repo? Or do I simply add the archlinux repo below the antergos one?

  • Add it below. Don’t swap out the antergos repository.

  • There’s no need to add the archlinuxfr repo. yaourt is already in the Antergos repo.

    Just running sudo pacman -S yaourt should do the trick.


  • Antergos installs yaourt by default. As @karasu says, from the own [antergos] repo. There’s no need to do anything special to install it. It is already present in a freshly installed system.

  • Also if you do not enable AUR support inside CNCHI?
    I remember that if i don’t i need to enable it manual inside pamac-manager-settings…

  • @joekamprad said in Installing Yaourt:

    Also if you do not enable AUR support inside CNCHI?..

    It’s enough to take a look at the list of packages, installed by Cnchi.

    Yes, currently yaourt is installed by default only if a user enables the AUR feature. Yaourt is not installed by default if a user does not enable AUR feature.

    Yaourt has a few useful features, not present in pacman, which could be useful to work with regular repos. But yaourt is mainly used to work with AUR, and would be almost useless without AUR, wouldn’t it?

  • @just finished installing yaourt! how exactly do i enable AUR support inside cnchi?

  • @benjidurden said in Installing Yaourt:

    …how exactly do i enable AUR support inside cnchi?

    By placing the Arch User Repository (AUR) Support switch in ON position during Antergos installation. It’s the first option among additional features, offered by Cnchi during installation.

    It is done during Antergos installation, not once it is finished.

    Anyway, AUR is always available in Arch and Antergos. Just make sure that you have these packages installed:

    • yaourt
    • cmake
    • git
    • bzr

    You’ll also need some version of gcc compiler.

    Then simply use yaourt to work directly with AUR.

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