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    Hello: I could never get control of my notebook screen with Antergos Gnome (brightness reduction or powe-off) after a stipulated time that I´ve selected in the power control menu

    Any idea?

  • wich DE (Gnome, KDE e.t.c.) you are talking about?

  • Hello. As I`ve said, is Gnome


  • @Pandalinux 🙊 Sry! i overread this…
    As Antergos is using lightdm + light-locker you should try to setup with light-locker-settings.
    But as far as i can say there is a problem with running gnome with DM other than GDM. I never get this working within Gnome Desktop, only way to get this working for me is changing to GDM.

  • Off topic
    @joekamprad , I wonder what the problem could be. I am also following the buntu s 17,10 development branch (don t shoot me) and last night they made the transition from default Unity to Gnome. No problem with either sessions (X11, Wayland) or native Gnome power management settings. How the hell they do it?

  • @anarch also ubuntu is open-source? ;) so if they have a solution we may take a look to what they have done?
    But as i have some problems with maintaining support for UBUNTU machines in the past i completely go away from debian based research… but i will install it Virtual just now! > OFFTOPIC stops here:

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