• Improving Antergos / Virtual Box performance?

    Finally decided to learn how to use Linux and after about a week of research and comparisons, decided to use Antergos as my very first distro! The installation and everything went great! Problem is, I’ve been experiencing quite long startup times, as well as occasional slowdowns. Once my apps have been loaded for a little while though, everything runs quite smoothly. Is there a way to mitigate these slowdowns and/or improve my overall performance on Antergos?

    Any advice would be appreciated! THanks!

  • Make sure you have the following package installed: virtualbox-guest-utils , open a terminal and:

    sudo pacman -S virtualbox-guest-utils

    I would also change the default HW configurations for the Virtualbox VM:
    Give the VM 2 Cpu’s
    Give it at least 2GB RAM
    Under GPU, turn on 3d support.
    And you should also give the VM the maximum available Graphics Memory 128MB.
    Under advanced network adapter use: Paravirtualized network adapter

  • Gotcha! Finished changing the default configs and installing the respective package. So what else do you recommend installing for Antergos? I’m looking for a package that’ll help me customize my UI, along with IDEs that work well. Will Visual Studio Code work with Antergos?

  • Start here: https://antergos.com/wiki/

    Since Antergos is based on arch you can read more about arch here:

    Visual Studio amongst it: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Visual_Studio_Code

    As for Ideas and “news” have a look at http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk .
    Most of the software you see there is available through the AUR which you can read about here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arch_Linux#Arch_User_Repository_.28AUR.29

    Antergos comes with a AUR package manager named “yaourt” which basically works like pacman. Read more about pacman/yaourt here:

    Get ready for a steep learning curve, but if you read, you will master linux in no time!

  • @izznogooood Many thanks! Really appreciate the help man!

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