• Missing terminalrc file

    Missing terminalrc file

    I am trying to customize my terminal emulator (xfce4-terminal and after searching around I think I have found where my config file should be but there is nothing there:


    terminalrc is not there, only a filed named accels.scm. I will keep searching but if any of you could point me in the right direction that would be appreciated. I am trying to change the font used in my terminal. I have also heard there is perhaps a font server/service running that manages all the fonts for the system. Is that true and should I try and place my new fonts there?


  • update

    So again I have found a solution but still don’t have an answer to my questions. I was able to get the font I want installed because of its inclusion in the AUR. In my case the font in question was “hack” so for any other newbie reading this I performed the following:
    “su pacman -S ttf-hack” and then next I was forced to use my mouse… :( then, at the top of the terminal window, i clicked on edit, references, then selected the newly installed hack font.

    This feels like more of a work around or cop-out as I still have not really learned much. What if my font was not already in the AUR? I would still like to know how I would manually install a font. Can somebody suggest some google search terms?


  • $ fc-list

    Ok so maybe I get frustrated to quickly and resort to questions here. 😥 I will try to google more and drink less next time. Damn whiskey


  • @n0bdy said in Missing terminalrc file:

    su pacman -S ttf-hack

    sudo pacman -S ttf-hack

  • Thank you judd.


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