• Pamac Updater stays on loading mouse hourglass and not showing nothing

    This is the problem i have what to do ?

    0_1496547363353_Screenshot from 2017-06-03 23:32:01.png 0_1496547370737_Screenshot from 2017-06-03 23:32:14.png

  • stop it and do:

    $ sudo pacman -Syyu

    in terminal

  • @joekamprad so pamac is broken then and i need to update in console all the time ?

  • @philusb if there is an error the command will prompt it to you.
    I had some database error friday, it was easy to fix and pamac restarted working.

  • ahh cuz it has been like that the day of the keys to refresh then pamac stopped working. all i see it is syncing databases before then it hangs and stays on a loading something. its the loading line down that is always working and i have not seen any updates or something to checkbox. at lease if no updates as usually it says there is no updates found on top but i dont see it anymore.

  • @philusb So did you try the command on terminal and it get stuck the same as pamac?

  • @fernandomaroto yea all the updates work in pacman console with -Syyu but pamac nothing

  • That s strange. I tried to reproduce it (synching databases) and it works as expected. I also have not had any issues getting notified of new updates (I use it as a notifier mostly and get updated via terminal). Last night there was a pamac update (v. 4.3.7). Did you get it?
    If it keeps behaving like this, I d completely get rid of it
    sudo pacman -Rnsc pamac
    and install it back again.

  • @anarch thanks man that worked i have reinstall and all is working as normal thanks

  • That s all right, mate!

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