• After automatic readiness no more GUI in Gnome

    Hi everyone,

    After automatic readiness I have no GUI in Gnome? The screen remains black and I can do nothing more? Has anyone an idea how I get the reperiert? It has worked in the past months great?


  • @LuG42 said in After automatic readiness no more GUI in Gnome:

    automatic readiness

    I would force you to use GDM instead of lightdm, because it seems like Gnome-Devs overdo the erasing unused stuff rule on this, and it seems like GDM is now kind of the one and only to have fully working power control.

    I try hard to get all this working together with lightdm but it fails… There will be a solution in the future but at the moment it is in state of search for way to the solution.

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  • @joekamprad

    Hi joekamprad. That was the solution thx . One problem less :-)


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