• Media Keys on RadioTray not working

    I habe install RadioTray. It works great, but i can’ t start or / and stop play with Media-Keys on my Laptop (x200). On Linux Mint works Media-Keys on RadioTray.

  • Can anyone help me please?

  • Hi,

    I dont know about RadioTray but you probably need to install a backend to manage play/pause/stop features. Do you know what could that be? For example, spotify can be controlled by mpris. https://specifications.freedesktop.org/mpris-spec/latest/

    Edit: Out of curiosity, I installed radiotray-python3-git package. Right click to the system tray icon, Plugin>Configure Plugins>Gnome Media Keys. Then, if it is not defined already defined, you need to defined Play/Stop key in Gnome shortcuts. They have DE specific plugins, it may work on linux mint by default because of different DE.

    Hope that solves your issue.

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