• System76 Galago Pro

    I am thinking of getting this system.

    Has anyone here purchased this and got Antergos running on it? Any issues or things I should know?

    I know it comes with Ubuntu so it should be able to run any linux pretty fine, but thought I’d check.

    Anyone else with experience with System76? Worthwhile, can I trust them?

  • Hardware sided its complete Intel… so would not be a problem with running Antergos, also there machines are build for Linux ;) and shipped with Ubuntu…
    Only negative i find is battery life: https://www.wired.com/2016/02/review-system76-lemur/

  • Bryan Lunduke’s youtube show is sponsored by them and he gets a new one to play with each week as far as I can tell - he’s always singing their praises (even before the sponsorship), and he’s never mentioned any issue with them - and I would expect him to from my experience.

  • Thanks guys.

    Sounds good, was hoping for more people to reply but good nonetheless.

    Still researching.

    My concern now is the stupid import fees here in Canada. I am already paying the exchange rate for this system don’t want to be added an extra $100 just for import. I always get screwed. Wish there was a way to get past that.

  • So I did end up purchasing the Galago Pro.

    I got the following specs:

    Ubuntu 16.04 (clearly I’m wiping it for Antergos)
    3.5Ghz i7 7500U
    16GB DDR4 2133Mhz
    250GB SSD (upgrading at better pricing later on)

    The CPU is technically a downgrade from my current desktop system (coming from an i7 4770K quad core) so I am hoping I won’t actually notice all that much for what I am doing. It is a concern but I did a lot of research about this and everything so it should be more than enough.

    Will let you guys know how everything goes once I get it. It could be a few weeks.

  • I got the system!

    I am now running Antergos KDE on the system above. It runs great and I had no issues at all in terms of drivers. Really everything in terms of hardware worked out of the box.

    It’s a nice little system. It’s actually much nicer looking in person.

    *** Actually there may be one hardware related issue but isn’t related to Linux. The HDMI port on the system might be 1.4 only and not 2.0 even though the hardware inside supports it. I am trying to run an HDMI cable from the laptop to a monitor and it can only get 4K 30hz. I also know the monitor and that cable can 100% do 60hz.

    If that is the case sadly System76 and other hardware manufacturers should make this clear. Actually they shouldn’t have used 1.4 when 2.0 has been around for long enough.

    Will be calling them to confirm and will be buying a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort to test this. I know that the last few version of DP work at 4K 60hz so that port should have no problem.

  • Nice to know Antergos is working for you.

    Welcome to the community, friend🙂.

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