• System76 Galago Pro

    I am thinking of getting this system.

    Has anyone here purchased this and got Antergos running on it? Any issues or things I should know?

    I know it comes with Ubuntu so it should be able to run any linux pretty fine, but thought I’d check.

    Anyone else with experience with System76? Worthwhile, can I trust them?

  • Hardware sided its complete Intel… so would ot be a problem with running Antergos, also there machines are build for Linux ;) and shipped with Ubuntu…
    Only negative i find is battery life: https://www.wired.com/2016/02/review-system76-lemur/

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  • Bryan Lunduke’s youtube show is sponsored by them and he gets a new one to play with each week as far as I can tell - he’s always singing their praises (even before the sponsorship), and he’s never mentioned any issue with them - and I would expect him to from my experience.

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  • Thanks guys.

    Sounds good, was hoping for more people to reply but good nonetheless.

    Still researching.

    My concern now is the stupid import fees here in Canada. I am already paying the exchange rate for this system don’t want to be added an extra $100 just for import. I always get screwed. Wish there was a way to get past that.

  • So I did end up purchasing the Galago Pro.

    I got the following specs:

    Ubuntu 16.04 (clearly I’m wiping it for Antergos)
    3.5Ghz i7 7500U
    16GB DDR4 2133Mhz
    250GB SSD (upgrading at better pricing later on)

    The CPU is technically a downgrade from my current desktop system (coming from an i7 4770K quad core) so I am hoping I won’t actually notice all that much for what I am doing. It is a concern but I did a lot of research about this and everything so it should be more than enough.

    Will let you guys know how everything goes once I get it. It could be a few weeks.

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