• CD Not Recognized After New Install of Antergos 17.5

    I have just installed Antergos 17.5 for the first time after being an Ubuntu user for several years. I have run into a situation where upon loading a music CD, I am not prompted as to what to do. My Removal Media section of Settings has been set to “ask what to do” for CD Audio. In addition, the File Manager has given no indication that it “sees” my CD either. However, when I invoke the Disks app, the CD player shows up in the list of disks. BTW, while running Anteros Live (running from a Flash Drive), it worked with no problems. So, I am guessing that something went wrong during the installation process. Any suggestions as to what I can do to correct this issue? Please feel free to reassign this to another location if I have entered it in the wrong place. Thanks!

  • @acag Hi!
    which file manager are you using?
    I have caja here and it automatically mount cds/disks etc

  • Thanks for responding! I am using the default file mgr for Gnome. I guess that might be Nautilus.

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