• Dual-Boot Windows 10 & Antergos

    I am currently running up to date Antergos on a 500GB drive (default partitions during setup). So nothing else is on this drive, a single partition or whatever.

    I am getting the urge to play some games so I am curious as to the steps to getting Windows 10 installed. I know in the past when doing this I have destroyed the grub and things like that.

    What are the steps (best steps) to take to do this?

    I want to install Windows, be able to reboot and it by default goes into Antergos, but gives me the option to select Windows.

  • I had a dual boot system like you say a while ago, I had linux installed and I added Windows 7, then upgraded to 10 and it did the same thing that all windows I’ve used did: it overwrote the boot sector so no more grub and it only booted into windows. It’s easy to fix, the way I liked to do it was to boot from supergrub2 (which will fit on a CD) from http://www.supergrubdisk.org/super-grub2-disk/ and this will see your linux partition and allow you to boot from it and you can then run grub commands from your booted linux partition to re-install grub.

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