• Steam Native VS Steam Runtime, your experiences?

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    I Installed Shadow of Mordor yesterday and was looking forward to some much needed downtime. I upped everything to ultra and expected the game to perform well / ok. Then to my surprise the graphics performance was absolutte shit (excuse my french).

    Nvidia GFX 1060 /3GB
    32GB Ram

    Running the benchmark returned an average of 3fps…
    I spent an hour researching trying to figure out what was going on, but all tests online showed a 20-30% fps decrease compared to Win. Not 99%.

    Then… As a last resort I fired up Steam-Runtime and did the same test. Averaging at 70fps…
    There has to be some libraries missing here?

    Iv’e played CS GO, and other valve games with out issues Native, but I will definitely do some testing later to figure this out.

    What are your experiences with Native vs Runtime?

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  • Steam Native runs.
    Steam Run-time runs my nerves.

    My relevant specs are: NVidia GTX 1050 Ti with proprietary drivers and kernel support libraries. My FPS can take a hit on occasion when entering a new map segment (basically on-the-fly loading), but that’s more than likely in-game memory management or openGL specific regarding rendering. Over all my FPS is very sustainable considering case using Borderlands 2 and Payday2 as bench specimen.

    Don’t know how much this will help, but it’s all I got currently. Take care.

  • @AG-TheRaven said in Steam Native VS Steam Runtime, your experiences?:

    kernel support libraries.

    What are those?

    I make things work…
    My humble wiki: https://anotherlinux.com/

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