• Lightdm and wrong desktop enviroment?

    Hello, I’m pretty new to linux so sorry for stupid questions . Today I’ve installed antergos at first with gnome but later I decided I need to use different enviroment. So I went with xfce and I’m pretty sure that I’ve chosen it in installation. Since lightdm isn’t working cuz I get failed to start error I decided to use gdm but the whole enviroment just looks like gnome and even when I echo $DESKTOP_SESSION it says gnome. Is this because of gdm? Also do you happen to know how to fix failed to start error on lightdm? I’ve tried googling but reinstall didn’t work and I haven’t find anything else which would be much useful.

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    should give you the started session…

    you can choose session inside GDM before giving your password with a click on the wheel:
    alt text

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