• Nvidia drivers in next iso ?


    Because I use a Nvidia 970 card, I could not boot the current isos (live and minimal).
    I followed a topic with a link to download an iso including Nvidia drivers.
    I used the “nouveau.modeset=0” grub option to boot, and I installed Antergos.

    My question : do you plan to add those Nvidia driver in your next ISO ?
    People who cannot boot your current iso’s because of Nvidia graphic cards will probably never use Antergos !

    Thanks for explaining where the problem is (I know Nvidia drivers are proprietary drivers, but as without them, it’s impossible to boot from your iso)

  • Its not a driver problem, its a kernel problem. As soon as a 4.10+ kernel is in the install ISO, the problem is solved. In the mean time you can do as explained in this post:


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