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    So far I am enjoying Antergos and maintained as is or in other words
    stock release.
    What happens if I install an outside application such as the Midori browser? Will it appear in Pamac and if so can it be installed and or removed? I do not wish to harm the system.

  • @rosswmcgee , welcome aboard. Antergos tries to come with a minimal set of apps so that you have a fully functional system to start with. In this sense, feel free to add/remove/adjust it to your taste. If you are unsure at the beginning, feel free to ask.
    Yes, you can install Midori via pamac as well as uninstall it in the same way.
    You can also use the terminal:
    sudo pacman -S midori to install and
    sudo pacman -R midori to uninstall.

  • Hi!
    Welcome to Antergos🙂

    If you open pamac (the software center on Arch based systems) and then search for “Midori”, you can check the box next to it and click “Apply” at the bottom of the window to download it.

    Hope this helps!

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