• Pluma

    I installed Pluma. When I try and open it nothing happens?

    How do I un-install it and then re-install it. I am willing to use Kate

    but need to know how to un-install a program?

  • Hi!

    If you just open Pamac, then you can search for “Pluma” and select it to un-install. From there, simply click “Apply” at the bottom of the window.

    Hope this helps🙂

  • Yes and thank you, I see the problem is that pluma is for the Mate desktop, that is why it does not work in Plasma. Other than Kate is there
    another text editor?

  • I know there should be, I just don’t personally know of one off hand.

    I’ll look into it for you though when I have a minute🙂

  • gedit for gnome but pluma is better than kate… thanks what a great forum…

  • Hi again!

    I just found a website with some good text editors and their descriptions here.

    Hope this helps😀

  • @rosswmcgee kwrite is the default text editor that comes with Plasma besides kate. At least kwrite came with KDE4 and earlier.

  • Thanks again Kwrite will do the trick. What great help from the forum.

  • Glad to know you found a suitable text editor🙂

    Enjoy your journey with Antergos and good luck!

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