• Slow updates


    Wondering have you guys noticed that downloading updates lately takes forever, are servers overloaded?

    On the positive side, could this be a sign of more and more users using Antergos?


  • Speed currently is 25 kilobytes per second. Extremely slow - already in progress for half an hour, another 22 minutes to go. 271mb total download.

  • Hi!

    Simply head over here at the wiki for an article that provides step-by-step instructions🙂

    Hope this helps!

  • @A-User this wiki is for a problem while installing Antergos… do not work on a installed system all together…

  • @gozo the simplest way to get the best mirrors is fetchmirror:

    $ sudo pacman -S fetchmirrors

    then simple run:

    $ sudo fetchmirrors

    choose your countrys number from the shown list and run…
    This will create a new mirrorlist for Archlinux mirrors.

    for Antergos you can do this by manual editing the antergos-mirrorlist…

    sudo nano /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist

    After this do a:

    $ sudo pacman -Syyy
  • @joekamprad said in Slow updates:

    this wiki is for a problem while installing Antergos… do not work on a installed system all together…

    Thank you. I didn’t notice this🙂

  • @joekamprad said in Slow updates:

    sudo pacman -S fetchmirrors

    sudo pacman -S fetchmirrors
    error: target not found: fetchmirrors

    joekamprad - don’t you think it would be easier if this simple functionality is built in under preferences for the Update app?
    Easy to implement, most other distros already have such functionality.

    Thanks -

  • @gozo said in Slow updates:

    sudo pacman -S fetchmirrors

    ;9 sorry it is only on AUR …

    yaourt -S fetchmirrors

    There are also ways to automate this things yes and also pamac was able to have such option…
    And also it will be done on installation (rankmirrors) but it is not on me ;)
    I am o.k. with take care on stuff like this by hand…

  • @joekamprad Since many people aren’t as experienced as you perhaps you should suggest developers do this somewhere in GUI.

    Thanks again.

  • reflector-timer-weekly from AUR is doing what you need, but i would not like to implement everything automatic, also when it may is good for speedup the updates, it will caus other problems on different configurations.
    Also slow down connections like you have is not a common issue i think there are only few users having this.

    So if you want here it is:

    yaourt -S reflector-timer-weekly
    $ sudo nano  /etc/reflector.conf
    # Run `reflector --help` for available options
    # See https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Reflectorfor help
    --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
    --country **Germany** # change this to your country
    --latest 10
    --age 12
    --sort rate

    Be sure to enable reflector.timer with:

    $ sudo systemctl enable reflector.timer

    This will renew you pacman mirrorlist once a week to the fastest 10, updated inside last 12 hours, from your country…
    and you can enhance with all valid reflector options per line inside the /etc/reflector.conf

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