• Help creating a PKGBUILD for Brother Printer Drivers [SOLVED]

    I have a Brother MFC-J285DW Printer, this kind of drivers seem to be difficult to install (Brother Drivers). I got a partial solution before, on this topic:


    but it results that the printer doesn’t work all the time, linux may not detect it sometime, or sometimes it starts printing and suddenly it just stops and never finishes the current printing job (it works flawlessly on windows), so after rechecking the arch wiki for info on how to create a PKGBUILD for brother drivers, I just have no idea on how to do it. I read before that it is easier when you have the source code, and brother provides it here:


    so, I was wondering if someone could help me and maintain the package on the AUR (updates seem to have stopped some time ago so I suppose it wouldn’t be much of a problem to maintain), of course this would be the best case scenario :b.

    Any help pointing me to a good guide on how to create a working PKGBUILD for Brother drivers or a way to install the drivers that doesn’t require RPM or deb files to be installed on to the system and that is not the guide from the arch wiki will be highly appreciated.

  • I have a Brother printer/scanner, but AUR had the packages I needed. Looks like you installed the .deb driver package. Have you tried installing with .rpm instead? Here’s a simple .rpm tutorial I bookmarked in case I ever need it, but have not tried it. http://nemrod.se/guides/install-rpm-packages-on-arch-linux/

  • @triode13 Thanks for taking the time to answer! :D
    I checked the guide you pointed me to, but the “problem” there is that the brother drivers are not actually packed in a .rpm file, they are compressed in a .gz file (which I supposed could be uncompressed using Brother instructions using gunzip"). After uncompression the file has no extension, it says, in properties, it is a “shell script”.
    I guess that guide doesn’t apply to this driver : (
    Any extra help will be appreciated! :D
    Thanks again! : )

  • @Dante_Igashu said in Help creating a PKGBUILD for Brother Printer Drivers:

    Brother MFC-J285DW

    Yes, the Driver Install Tool is a .gz zip, but the individual LPR and CUPwrapper are available as .rpm. Looking at the PKGBUILD instructions for Brother drivers, I just realized it isn’t a typical process for making a standard PKGBUILD.

    I assume you’ve read this thread?

  • @triode13 I had read part of it, now I read the whole topic, I used the solution provided by “james”, the first time I installed the driver.
    I didn’t get what you mean with “I assume you’ve read this thread?” 😕
    Are you suggesting to try a solution from that topic?
    I saw the solution posted by Edwin Foss. I suppose I could try using the same files to create a PKGBUILD for my printer by just modifying some stuff there.
    Would you recommend that?

  • I was only asking to see if you had tried other options. Since the PKGBUILDs for the Brother drivers essentially follow to the same format and content, with small tweaks, you hay be able to hack one. Sorry, but I don’t have an exact solution. If you do find one, please post here for anyone else though.

  • @Dante_Igashu

    I try to create a working PKGBUILD for your Driver here:


    Pleasy try and check if it works for you.

  • @joekamprad Thanks a lot for helping me! :D
    I installed the package, these is what happened while trying to install it:

    after using the makepkg -si, there was an error when trying to install deb2targz, here it is:

    error: target not found: deb2targz
    ==> ERROR: ‘pacman’ failed to install missing dependencies.

    (perhaps the address to the file is incorrect?)

    so I installed it manually.
    After doing this there was no problem installing your package.

    After installation I tried to print a test page, but I realized it wasn’t configured to print using the wifi network, (sorry, the printer is in another room and I need to print using the wifi router, so I didn’t check if the usb connection works, tell me if you would like me to check if it works).

    I then tried to add a printer using “configure printers…” on KDE, I tried to add it using one of the “Discovered Network Printers” options, but none worked, so I used the instructions provided here:


    Here is exactly what I did:

    1. Opened “Printers” .
    2. Introduced password (my password)
    3. Clicked “Add Printer”
    4. Introduced password (again)
    5. In the new opened window, selected “AppSocket/HP JetDIrect”
      -it asks for an address (this has to be the IP Address used by the printer, mine has a static address so it is always the same for all PCs. You can find this address on your printer, at least on a MFC-J285DW here: Setting->Network->WLAN->TCP/IP->IP Address)
      -Introduced Address
      -Port remains the same (no changes needed).
    6. Clicked “Next”
    7. Selected the brand (left panel), Brother (obviously :b) in this case, and the new installed driver is at the bottom, I found it as MFC-J285DW CUPS (en), selected it.
    8. Clicked next.
      Now you have 3 fields available to fill, 1. Name (I just used "Brother_MFC-J285DW), 2. Description (I just used the model again) and 3. Location (I used the location of the printer at the house)
    9. Pressed Finish.
    10. Introduced password (again).

    Now the printer is shown as an available printer, so I just clicked the “Maintenance” Button and then clicked on “Print Test Page” and VOILA!!! it worked! :D.

    I will be doing some more testing to see if printing always works (as with the method I used before to install the drivers, printing didn’t work all the time), and check the scan function works fine too in order to mark this topic as solved.

    Thanks for the help guys! @triode13
    I will be posting feedback asap.

  • here i give the hint to install deb2targz before:


    If you have trouble i can check to change the PKGBUILD as you want.
    I do not know but looks like you will need the scanner driver too then?
    I would say you need to install: brscan4 and do:

    Brsaneconfig4 -a name=(name your device) model=(model name) ip=xx.xx.xx.xx


  • @joekamprad Thanks Again! :D

    Yeah, I saw the hint for deb2targz when installing the driver on another pc (checked the instructions directly from the downloaded package the first time) 😜

    You have helped me a lot! :D

    I installed brscan4 and worked just fine on the test I ran.
    Now the 2 functions that I wanted to work on my printer work.
    I’ll be testing the printer for a couple days and come back to mark the topic as solved if everything keeps working just fine.

    About modifying the PKGBUILD in order to make it work as I want it to work…I feel I would be asking too much if I’d ask for it 😜 . I guess if you do, it could help someone else (or me, in the future), make it easier to install it and get the printer to work quickly. So, I guess I will leave it up to you to decide ☺

    @joekamprad THANKS! again! :D

  • I can take a look to push it to AUR, but as i do not have this printer it would be up to users like you to test it…
    Or i ask for put it inside Antergos repo then you will be able to install it as a package…

    Let’s see

  • @joekamprad So, I’ve been testing the printing and scanning functions of my Brother MFC-J285DW and they seems to be working as they should work. I have to say THANKS! (again) to @joekamprad :D for taking the time to modify a PKGBUILD in order to be able to install the drivers for my printer.

    About making the package available in the AUR or in Antergos would be great!
    Yeah, I suppose there wouldn’t be a problem if only users were able to test the driver (even if it seems I am the only guy using a combination of Antergos and this printer on this planet 😜 )

    [Topic has been marked as SOLVED]

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