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    I was thinking that since the dual boot article is now a part of Cnchi, (from this thread) it seems like it would be useful for a list of common problems/ issues and their solutions to be somewhere there (I was thinking near the bottom). The maximum word count for that article has already been reached (minus maybe 10 words) so I was considering just putting a set of links to other short problems there instead of having the whole solution to all of them right in the article. Kind of like this:


    • list item as link
    • list item as link
    • list item as link
      …and so on. However, I really don’t know of many common problems since I am still newer to the forum, so I was hoping for some help from the community

    I can take care of the article portion if people can just tell me the issues WITH their solutions/ possible solutions.

    Thank you very much!

  • Anyone? I’ve run out of issues to put on the article, but I know there are many more out there. If someone could help or at least make a suggestion, that would be greatly appreciated!

    And thank you in advance!

  • Latest install was so smooth, so no Cnchi issues for me for now.
    But an auto NVIDIA Optimus card detection and then a possibility to choose to install Bumblebee instead of choosing only proprietary drivers could be a nice feature if possible at all. :-)

    And yes, when i also read the posts, the biggest problems seams to be dual boot and NVIDIA Optimus CPU card problems. Correct if i am wrong.

    So, a Cnchi installer with NVIDIA Optimus card Bumblebee button and dual boot button will be very nice. ;-)

    But that’s too complex and prune to break, so the wiki pages are a good option.
    That’s why i will correct the MacBook Pro wiki page to the new installer.

  • i have a question, does cnchi uses reflector or something like that to reorder the repos/mirrors? I ask that because some errors @karasu say is related to mirrors that are not updated… I’m not sure if reflector would make the system too slow at boot though…

  • @fernandomaroto
    Not an answer to your question but i have noticed that i only can install Antergos properly when i wait and don’t touch anything till Cnchi tells me that the mirrors are up to date. When i click the install button to early the installation goes mostly wrong. Don’t know that can help but that’s what i have noticed.

  • @bartatantergos maybe cnchi could be launch after sometime, and not rigth at start. something like 30 seconds or so of delay could be more than enough (i also experienced what you said)

  • @fernandomaroto said in Cnchi Issues:

    does cnchi uses reflector or something like that to reorder the repos/mirrors?

    I know it doesn’t use reflector at all since it’s not installed by default. It probably uses some alternative to that though.

    maybe cnchi could be launch after sometime, and not right at start.

    Interesting idea. I might see if I can do this in my next Community ISO😀.

    And as for waiting for Cnchi to update, I think I will mention that in the article then. I had not thought of doing so until now!

    Thank you so much!

  • @fernandomaroto Yes, that’s wat i was thinking. But it’s at the dev’s to decide that it’s ok todo.

  • @bartatantergos
    My latest installation with the latest iso seams to give a message like; wait till the mirrors are updated.
    While the notification “Cnchi is up to date” or something like that is already past before?
    The message to wait is already good but:

    Why are the mirrors not updated direct and then comes the message “Cnchi is up to date”?

  • @bartatantergos said in Cnchi Issues:

    Why are the mirrors not updated direct and then comes the message “Cnchi is up to date”?

    I think that message is just set to pop up at start up😞. When working on my Deepin ISO, I came across it in the Antergos ISO repo, so I know it’s not actually part of Cnchi. Perhaps this might cause it?

  • To solve the mystery…

    You guys are mixing two different things. Cnchi updates itself (well, tbh, is a script that does it) when the live session is loaded.

    The second message “wait till the mirrors are updated” is because cnchi is arranging your mirror lists (by updating and sorting them). It does it silently, but if it takes too much time, you reach a point that you must wait for it to finish because Cnchi can’t go on without the mirror lists being ready. That’s why sometimes you see the message and sometimes not.


  • Thank you for clearing that up for us @karasu!

  • @karasu Yes, thanks. And i have noticed that with the latest iso’s it’s not possible anymore to go thru the installer before the mirrors are up to date. With older installer (April 2017) it was possible without knowing that the mirrors where still updating. So, that’s a good thing!

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