• How to add a new user without the new user being empty ?

    Hello !
    I’m new to linux and antergos, but i have a problem. Like i said in the title, how can i add an user without it being empty ?
    by empty, i mean that there’s no program, not even the start menu on the desktop, only 2 folders and the trash.
    If it can help, here’s how i’ve created my new user : sudo useradd -m username .
    So, if someone can help me and explain to me how to create correctly a new user, it would help me a lot !

  • Hi!

    Are you using Gnome?

    • If so, simply press the Super key (aka. the Windows key) and type in “Settings”.
    • From there, click on “Users”
    • At the top right corner, there should be a button that is titled “Unlock” simply press it to, well, unlock your user settings for editing.
    • Where it formerly said “Unlock” it should now say “Add User…” Choose this option add a user.

    Hope this helps and welcome to Antergos🙂

  • useradd -m -G wheel -s /bin/bash USERNAME
    passwd USERNAME

    If you prefere to do it in a terminal way ;)

  • @A-User @joekamprad Thanks for helping me, but since i’m running antergos with mate, i can’t do it this way, and even with the terminal, the new user is empty. :’)

  • Don’t know about Mate…

    Sorry, I wish I could help more.

  • The commands i give work without any DE also this is Systemwide… you may need to reboot

  • @Kayase said

    by empty, i mean that there’s no program, not even the start menu on the desktop, only 2 folders and the trash.

    Sorry to ask but I didn t quite understand it. You mean you have no taskbar in your system?
    If so, such behavor has been reported before. Can tou clarify it please?
    Welcome to Antergos

  • @anarch I have a taskbar, but instead of being at the bottom, it’s on top, and the only thing in it is the date and the time.
    @A-User and @joekamprad , if I need to reboot, which desktop system should I choose ? (it’s for an old netbook, so I think Xfce would work, but if you have another option…) And anyway, thanks for the help ! :)

  • restart thy system is what i say with reboot, not reinstalling…

    And yes xfce is a good choice fore older notebooks, but MATE should work also.

  • @joekamprad oh. I’ve already restarted the notebook 5 times, nothing changed. ^^’
    So yeah, i think i will reinstall antergos with xfce tomorrow, i’ve just installed it 1 day ago so it’s not a big deal.

  • I know I’m a little late to answer the DE question, but I would just like to second @joekamprad’s suggestion of using xfce. It really is the best lightweight DE I know of out there🙂

  • Hopefully your re-installment goes well😀

    If you need any help, be sure to check out the guide on the wiki. I beleive it is now intergrated as a part of Cnchi also🙂.

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