• Pixel errors in browser with hover elements

    I am not sure if it may be driver related, but I keep having this issue where hover objects in my browser appear “broken”.


    Compared to:

    Sometimes, you’d also see pixeled colorful elements or something like this:


    I am using Gnome 3 and chromium, however, I am certain it has happened in other browsers as well. I have an Intel HD 520 if that helps.

  • @BlackBear
    Well i have that error here since a long time, i just ignore it, if i want to read something and that first picture of yours happens here i just pass the mouse away and again up on the link i want to read…
    I thought it was related with using open video drivers, since i have AMD and never managed to install their proprietary drivers.
    Is not an answer for what you’re looking, but i wanted to share my experience hehehe.
    I run i3wm, and the error happens with or without compton too…

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