• VLC Not Opening

    So I just Installed VLC Via Pacman and when I click it nothing happens. I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it to. no luck any tips on what to do next

  • VLC is a QT based app, so there may be a dependency lacking for Gnome.
    Fire up pamac software and type the name in the search bar.
    Double click on the package name to get to its extra info.
    Click on Dependencies tab and check if there is one missing.

  • @anarch I did and it showed nothing I’m trying the insatll via the AUR rather than the main pacman center will post update after :)

  • @hannahisabelle , I forgot how Gnome hanles it. In KDE my SMPlayer stays hidden in the taskbar. I have to click on an icon (notifications in my case) to open a drop-down menu and find it.
    Is there such operation in Gnome, maybe? Just check it out.

  • alt text
    vlc has also a terminal interface so it needs qt4 to run the gui…

  • @joekamprad ok thanks Ill take a look for that

  • Yes, qt4 for GUI is mentioned as a dependency, so (in pamac) it should be shown unticked. 👼

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