• H.264/MP4 video does'n work in browser

    On video test page H.264/MP4 player not load in Firefox and Opera browsers. It work only in Google Chrome.



    Google Chrome

    Maybe I have not installed something, some library or addiction. Something that’s built-in in Google Chrome

  • Multimedia playback

    See Firefox tweaks# Enable additional media codecs for advanced configuration and enabling support for Widevine (Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.).)

    Firefox uses FFmpeg for playing multimedia inside HTML5 <audio> and <video> elements. …
    it is however not enabled by default. See Preferences > Content > DRM content if you want to learn more.

    $ sudo pacman -S  ffmpeg
  • As you said: it solved the problem in firefox.
    For the opera, I tried to install opera-ffmpeg-codecs from the AUR. But there was a problem with the installation. In the end I was able to install opera-ffmpeg-codecs from the herecura repository. The problem in the opera, too, was decided.

    Thanks for the help.

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