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    I really am a Linux newbie, but I’m trying to make a running system for my laptop - I’ve installed Antergos Plasma, it seems great, took it away for a week on holiday (email, web, playing movies etc - usual holiday stuff) all fine.

    On my return today I tried to update (via terminal - sudo pacman -Syu) and my screen filled with “error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/sync/core.db: Unrecognised archive format”.

    I followed the instructions in the post https://forum.antergos.com/topic/6984/error-with-antergos-keyring about refreshing the keyring - this appears to have allowed me to update via Pamac which now reports “Your system is up-to-date” but if I try to update via terminal, I still get the screen full of lines saying “error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/sync/core.db: Unrecognised archive format”.

    I would like to be able to fix this but, more important to me is this - does this sort of thing happen all the time? I am a new Linux user but an experienced computer user - I don’t want a ‘flaky’ system or something which will require vast amounts of time to keep running (after all, I already have Windows for that ;-) - would I be better-off to cut my losses and move to a more beginner-orientated distro (Ubuntu, Mint etc) rather than persist with this Arch-based one?

    I would really appreciate an answer here - I don’t want to return to Windows or buy a MacBook, but I need a machine which will work and update without the need to ‘fix it’ every time.

  • @TryinLinux said in Trying to update:

    “error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/sync/core.db: Unrecognised archive format

    $ sudo rm -R /var/lib/pacman/sync/
    $ sudo pacman -Syy
    $ sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys
    $ sudo pacman -Syu

    should solve this …
    Because of your headache, I can only say I run 4 different system for 2 years with Antergos without any problems.
    Error messages, or minor problems with updates happen naturally.
    And hardware issues, historicly caused by unsupported hardware under Linux, are almost very little nowadays.

    Sure you can only go if, you do not tinker to the system, use only packages from the repo, and once the week, after reading the news >> update!. In addition, the LTS kernel should always be installed or used as a standard.
    My 9 and 12 years old kids have no problem with Antergos. ;)

  • This type of issue is rare so you were unlucky to see it so early in your introduction to Linux. All Linux distros with regular updates have the possibility of something that users raise and fix before the devs see it. This is part and parcel of Linux and it’s ever-changing nature so moving to Ubuntu for example will not avoid this but might lower the chance.

    The more bleeding edge the distro (such as Arch/Antergos), the earlier in the chain you are for receiving software updates so update errors are more frequent but these in turn create an ability in the user to quickly fix almost anything and continue with little pause.

    No distro will need fixing every time - no matter how complex or low-level it is, so why not try Antergos for a few weeks and see how you get on, and if it somehow matches your worst fears, move to a distro with a much slower release cycle - at least this way you will know what you will miss if you move away to another distro.

  • @joekamprad
    That worked perfectly - problem solved - that’s amazingly quick, thank you very much. It is extremely impressive that I could get a working solution so soon after posting my problem - I guess that is what makes Linux usable by newbies, the incredible people on the forums.
    Your general advice makes great sense also - I was very impressed that I got no hardware trouble at all installing Antergos on my little ThinkPad - and if your young kids can, I think I should persist.
    Many thanks again.

  • @robgriff444
    Thank you for your advice, just what I wanted - I shall certainly follow it. Antergos runs faster that anything else I have tried, both on a VM and on my laptop, so I’m keen to keep going with it if I can manage to.
    I very much appreciate it that you have taken the time to offer me your advice and reassured me that I would not be wasting my time to stick with my current system.
    Many thanks for your help.

  • Sure thing, glad to help 😎

    Here’s something I posted a while ago about the different distros I’ve used, I think it may be useful to you (last post on page 3):


  • Hi!

    Glad your problem has been solved so quickly😀

    In the future, For the majority of small problems, I find that if I just shutdown and restart Antergos then whatever the problem was is normally fixed🙂 (I honestly don’t entirely know why this works, but would be glad to find out).

    Anyways, this is only meant to offer advice for you for any problems you might face in the future.

    Also, I personally keep a Google Doc that has a list of every single serious problem I have ever come across on Antergos and their solutions (I think the list is a whole 3 lines long😀) and I know this has been great for personal reference whenever/if I come across the same issue either on my computer or on the forum.

    Glad your problem has been solved, and have fun with Antergos🙂 (It truly is a fabulous system).

  • Many thanks to all here today - the thing I’ve learnt here, and it comes up in @robgriff444’s linked post, is that the distro’s forum is an important part of the distro itself - this is a valuable lesson, I find (perhaps because I’m older than when I learnt MacOS and Windows) Linux a complicated thing to setup - so it’s really important to be able to find the info I need.
    Having a problem I couldn’t solve for myself and finding people prepared to help has made me very much more confident to carry on - thanks to all of you.

  • @TryinLinux I’ve found that the Antergos forums is one of the best. And if you ever run vanilla Arch, their forums are top notch as well so it’s only natural for Antergos :)

  • @A-User said

    I personally keep a Google Doc that has a list of every single serious problem I have ever come across on Antergos and their solutions

    Goodle Doc? I m trying to use as few of their services as possible!
    Here s a good option.

  • Thanks!
    I’ll look into this🙂

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