• Dual Boot Option In Cnchi

    @anarch said in Dual Boot Option In Cnchi:

    Knowing how much you dislike buntu, I think @A-User means this option:


    To be honest, an option like this was started when creating Cnchi (you can browse the source code), but was never finished because it was not straightforward to do it, and I needed something that just worked.

    Having said that, this is in my TODO list and maybe (just maybe) someday I will find the time to finish it.

    What would be really useful to me is for you guys that use Windows 10 to tell me which partitions does W10 create (in both BIOS legacy and UEFI modes). This way I will not have to install it myself to check it out. 😁


  • Hi!

    Windows 10 appears to use ntfs partitions on my system, with a “Microsoft Reserved Partition” being labeled as “unknown” If you are looking for a helpful screenshot, along with my realization of the ridiculous amount of space that Microsoft has already used and filled up on my system, here’s a picture of it.

    Hope this helps🙂

  • Sorry, just forgot to add that this is for a UEFI system🙂

  • Hi again!

    I just made a new topic regarding the asked-for help with the Cnchi issues and their solutions here, if anyone wishes to take a look at it😀

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