• Dual Boot Option In Cnchi

    I love Antergos and pretty much everything about it, but have noticed that nearly all of the issues people have with it seem to be related to installing it alongside another Operating System. Look no further than the “What’s Trending” box on the side of the page. One will immediately notice that “installation” “boot” and “cnchi” are all near the top.

    I know that this is probably harder to actually do than to suggest, but it seems to me that since “Antergos is for Everyone” it would be extremely helpful if it included a dual boot option like Ubuntu does for the less experienced Linux users.

    I love the distro and am only trying to help🙂 by offering suggestions and user input.

    Thank you very much for your consideration in advance!

  • @A-User this would be a very nice option, but also kinda complicated on code side… It is integrated in a way but as there are a lot different ways to boot OS it will never fit everything.
    I never had problems with second OS installed on Bios system, but alot users have probs with EFI-Bios.
    The configuration for this is almost hidden inside installation process, would be nice to have something graphical with questioning for this…

  • Thank you very much for explaining this to me🙂

    I agree. It would definitely be helpful to at least “have something graphical with questioning for this”…

  • Hi again!

    So I just had an idea! (Which I guess is already kind of obvious since I am posting again😀)

    Since internet is already needed to install within Cnchi, what if when one got to the “Where to install” option, a link to a page with instructions such as this one was provided so that users could have a built in guide🙂

    That way they wouldn’t have to scour the internet or anything.

    It’s just an idea, but it sure seems like an easier work around than anything else I can think of (says the non-coder😀)

  • If anyone ends up considering this option, they should probably know that I just updated the how-to article for dual boot installations in the wiki🙂

    Now it has pictures and slightly more detailed instructions😀

  • Dual booting gets hairy for sure, and learning how to deal with EFI, GTP, BIOS, boot loaders, etc are helpful when you want to do custom things. EFI dual booting is super easy after you understand how you can just point to the partition (don’t format) and then add your root, home, etc, and just install ezpz lemon squeezy. Good idea though for cnchi I’d be okay with added options especially for ZFS and such.

  • I suppose that this is a little off track, but when I updated the article mentioned in my previous post, it only shows the updated version when I am logged in. Otherwise, it is still the same as before I edited it.

    Did I do something wrong, or will it just take some time for it to be viewable by everyone?

    Thanks again!🙂

  • Apparently the answer was to just wait awhile, the article is now updated🙂

    However, back to my original suggestion…

    A link to some built-in instructions for dual booting Antergos would be a very useful feature within Cnchi for all of the inexperienced users🙂

  • @A-User said

    Apparently the answer was to just wait awhile, the article is now updated

    Exactly! Thanks for it, anyway, mate!

  • @A-User
    I liked both of your ideas, perhaps a buttom to click inside cnchi like “Open Manual” even at the cnchi first window, or a link in every cnchi window like “more info here” and open the browser/text file to that particular window.

  • @A-User Great work on the wiki entry!🥇

  • That would be fabulous!
    That is in fact actually exactly what I was thinking😀

    In addition, I was thinking that perhaps when one clicks “Something Else” at the “Where to install Antergos” step, a link that says something like what you were thinking of in your last post is visible at the top of the screen in Cnchi (or some other noticeable place) right there where people begin messing around with their partitions.

  • @joekamprad Thank you so much! (Although to be fair, most of the article was already written, I just added a few details and some pictures)🙂

  • @A-User Yes but we are living in a candy world today, and people love candies!
    It is much more better to understand for most users if they get a picture.

  • Thank you for the compliment🙂

  • Hopefully a dev such as @karasu will see this thread soon🙂 (him being the only dev I know of off hand).

  • Hi again!

    I recently started a chat with @karasu and he said that he would “have a look at it” soon😀. Hopefully our ideas work out and can be implemented shortly! (I decided to be optimistic there🙂)

    Thanks again for everyone’s ideas and help.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @Velkerk said

    (Note: It would be very grateful if it was in several languages)

    +1. But that s where , we users, can help, isn t it?

  • This post is deleted!
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