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    Hello Antergos Forum,

    I didn’t like the hassle of big updates with ubuntu so decided to try antergos.

    I’ve managed to install, even fixing my wifi problems and grub not installing! now I have a working environment but I still have issues I was hoping for some help with.

    I installed by formatting my / partition and keeping my old /home partition in order to keep my settings for my browser, thunderbird and other apps. However I’m having problems with desktop environments which i think are due to this.

    Starting KDE brings the background with no panels. I can right click and select ‘new panel’ but nothing happens.

    In gnome, clicking on VPN closes the menu. I can’t even see my vpns to pick one. I think this is due to my settings because it works fine on a new user account.

    Is there a way to find all the settings files for a desktop environment and resent them to default? or is there an app to save my settings for certain apps so i can format and reinstall? many thanks

  • a better solution is to copy paste your configs one by one.
    Beause there are a lot differences on the versions of DE and also on private keys e.t.c.
    I would copy configs to a subdirectory like /home/“username”/config-old
    end keep only pictures documents video music then put the configs of the programms you are using where they need to be, one after the other and not replace configs for DE…

  • @joekamprad thanks! Some programs had settings in home and home/.config but by doing what you suggested I could see where the recently installed app has settings and copy the old ones as neccessary.

  • 7Un367Q.png

    Plus all files under your users home with a hiding . in front .xinitrc e.t.c.

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