So right now I have installed xde and I like it but I want to know what are the differences between kde and xfce and if one is better than the other. I fine XDE better than GNOME

  • What is XDE? Did you mean LXDE?

    differences between kde and xfce and if one is better than the other

    Both are working desktop environments, nobody can tell you which one is better because it depends on personally preferences but KDE needs newer hardware as Xfce. Check out pictures or videos, but if you’re undecided you need to test it yourself.

  • Hi!

    Generally, KDE’s focus seems to be complete control and customization of the desktop. However, this means that the settings tend to be a little bit fragmented (at least in my experience).

    As for XFCE, it’s specialty is offering a complete desktop environment on low powered hardware. However, that also means that it will not have all of the bells and whistles the other desktop environments do.

    Honestly, there is no perfect DE (desktop environment). It basically boils down to this:


    • For those who love to customize their desktop


    • For those who love simplicity


    • For those who prefer a more traditional version of Gnome


    • For those who like the more traditional layout of Mate but prefer it slightly more modern


    • For those with low powered hardware


    • For those with REALLY low powered hardware

    NOTE: this is just my opinion. In no way is this the end all be all truth🙂 If you wish to see others’ comparisons, just click here.

    Hope this helps and have fun choosing your DE🙂

  • thanks guys I will take a look around and look at some videos

  • Edited the title so it reads KDE instead of XDE.

  • Each, KDE and XFCE, have pros and cons.
    Recently tried KDE and XFCE inevitably settling on Gnome 3.

    Had audio issues with KDE as it was being stubborn not letting me switch it to the analog channel as it seemed to prefer my spdif. Don’t really fancy a DM telling me to go f myself. Afterward tried XFCE, but it was feeling very cluttered and lacking after being somewhat spoiled by the Cinnamon DM while using Mint prior to switching over to antergos.

    Decided to go with Gnome 3 after watching some youTube videos on Antergos and considering why it was the chosen LiveDVD DM can now say I am pleased with the choice.

    KDE is most certainly centered on exploiting functionality with newer hardware while XFCE is about general hardware support at a reduced system resource cost. So, if you have newer hardware like myself and use spdif then go with KDE; if you intend on supporting an older system then use XFCE.

    Closing issues:
    KDE had audio related issues where settings management was inefficient. My analog stereo output was working correctly and identified out of the box by KDE but it would not allow it to be set as default for some reason hence it got bumped. (Audio Card: HTO Striker 7.1)
    XFCE had severe issues with screen tearing even while using composition and is possibly related to NVidia drivers. I am not trading so XFCE got bumped. (Graphics Card: GTX1050 Ti)

    Hope this sheds some additional light on the subject; at any rate, take care and have fun!
    Antergos rules.

  • I switched XFCE for the following reasons:

    Most websites are more vertically oriented these days (due to mobile) so it made more sense to use sides for the menu/application bars, rather than top and/or bottom, to see more vertical content at one time. Vertical space is prime real estate on a wide screen monitor.

    Gnome3 and Unity have side bar but have limitations where you can place bars, notifications etc. XFCE offered a lot more freedom to put things where I wanted them.

    KDE has all the settings kinda all over and I didn’t like hunting for things I couldn’t remember where the setting was I changed.

    I have an older computer so KDE probably not going to be optimal.

    In the end though it’s all personal preference. I think KDE is beautiful if you have a capable computer and like all the settings. XFCE if you want something a little lighter and simpler.

    Whatever you pick, have fun with it!

    Here is my desktop: http://imgur.com/a/Eres9

  • To put my two cents in, I would recommend Gnome instead for the following reasons:

    • Simple to learn and use (at least in my experience)
    • Settings are all in one place and not fragmented at all
    • More configurable than one would think through the use of extensions
    • a cool “Activities Overview” by pressing the Super key (aka. the Windows key)
    • Google Drive integration (sort of, it is not a full integration due to the fact that Google has not produced that yet for Linux and an individual to do so would be considered copyright infringement)
    • One of the more common DEs for Linux (which means if you have a question about it, more people are around to help you solve it)
    • Just “works”

    Although it is fast on a machine with 4 gigs of ram or more, I would recommend XFCE for you if you have an older computer🙂 as XFCE seems to have more similarities with Gnome than to KDE.

    If you love ultimate control however, then by all means go with KDE, it just isn’t the one for me.

    Ultimately, it is up to you to decide, just know that your initial decision does NOT have to be your final one🙂 If you end up disliking the one you chose, you can always just install a different one without having to reinstall the whole OS. In fact, Some people can never make up their minds completely, and so somewhere down the road they set up the option of using two DEs when logging into their system.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  • Kde is so complex, feels almost like a windows on linux, even if you will try to reverse engineer it you wont know what is what and what is going on the moment.Tones of code and dependencies. Xfce is less vogue and seems more secure and reliable, its also easier on resources so it is lot better for work, I dont even know any developer working on kde.

    Mostly I install xfce to have a few tools from it then I just use openbox plus themes, and even on a better pc I will still use this one cause nothing is close to it when comes to using max potential of the pc, I would have to open 2 browsers with 15 tabs each + 5 consoles, music player running and something like clamscan in a background to get it lagged.
    On kde…Well it would be enough with one browser with few tabs and few consoles to feel laggy, or just one browser with hd video in a flash player running, and its enough to be unable of efficiently using anything else!
    You may not feel this on a very good pc, but more free resources and compute power is always better.
    I dont understand people who patiently waits for their windows to open or for their commands to start being executed, its just brain torture.

  • you see this question all the time which is better? unfortunately we wont be able to answer that for you. everyone has their own taste in a way a desktop works. give them both a shot and see which one you like. you can write a kde live usb if you dont want to waste time installing.

  • Thanks everyone :) and I liked Gnome but I have actually found out that I like KDE

  • I have the opinion that how heavy “heavy” DEs are is a myth, It all depends on what features/modules we load them with. An early experience of mine: Working with Gnome, I wanted to try a so called “light” DE. So, hands on for Openbox. And yes, light it was but being spoilt by all those modern luxuries that it was missing, I started adding this one and that one and so on. I finally ended up with an Openbox configuration just above 400 MiBs, when Gnome used 100 MiBs more with a lot more “luxuries”.
    For about a year now, I m on KDE. I feel that KDE is the most advanced out there. I also want to be as far away from GTK stuff as possible. It may be confusing to have so much choice to configure, but there s no need to do anything if one hates digging. Default is just fine, provided you like Windows, Cinnamon, XFCE, LXDE and the like. Personally I don t, so it took only a while to make it feel like OSX, Pantheon, or Gnome with dash to dock at the bottom.
    Another myth about how resource-hungry KDE is: As it comes in Antergos, it uses only 450 MiBs and 1% of my CPU. So, really fast responding.
    To sum my own experience (so far and in Antergos default state) up:

    1. Gnome: 500 MiBs, 3% CPU usage
    2. Openbox: 400 MiB, 1% CPU usage { configured to make it easy to work with}
    3. KDE: 450 MiBs, 1% CPU usage
      Bottom line? Use/experiment with whichever one suits your aesthetics and needs. Even a decade-old computer won t complain for a 100 more or a 100 less MiBs burden. Of course, it s up to you to either slim down or put on as much extra weight as they can take…
  • well I lied I just switched over to GNOME xD

  • @anarch said in KDE vs XFCE:

    KDE: 450 MiBs, 1% CPU usage

    I can fully confirm what @anarch says about surprisingly low memory usage in Antergos Kde. It’s not simply low, it’s the lowest (!) among other Antergos DEs which are in use here.

    All Antergoses are heavily personalized, and I don’t use any of default themes. No additional programs run in background, except conky. The average numbers for used memory in idle are:


    • Mate-Compiz: 750 M
    • Mate-Marco: 650 M
    • Cinnamon: 860 M
    • Gnome: 825 M
    • Plasma: 440 M

    The extremely low KDE memory usage doesn’t seem to be a specific Antergos “feature”. I get very similar numbers in native Arch, which uses a configuration practically identical to Antergos.


    • Mate-Compiz: 810 M
    • Mate-Marco: 720 M
    • Cinnamon: 830 M
    • Gnome3rd: 825 M
    • Plasma: 420 M

    As @anarch says, the “heaviness” of a system depends on a number of additional modules, services, programs loaded. Bluestar Linux could be an example. It has KDE only, and it’s overloaded with a ton of addons, loaded by default. Hence, the result:


    • Plasma: 950 M
  • @hannahisabelle , hahaha! **Lier!!!👼 **

  • Glad you found the one you wanted friend🙂

    Choices can at times seem like a tough thing (as I’m sure you have found out) but in the end they are what gives you freedom and flexibility.

    Have fun with Antergos and the rest of the Linux world!🙂 We’re always here to help.

  • A recent video compason I just came across…

  • I switched to i3wm on a modern, fast laptop and never looked back. KDE was my DE of choice. Don’t miss it although my needs are different from most — don’t play games, so it simplifies a lot of things.

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