• Cannot install Antergos Dual Boot Windows 10

    I am gonna try to be as clear as possible, I really fall in love of Antergos when I tried it on a VM, so I wanted to install it on my Windows computer, and have a Dual Boot to keep them both for now, and maybe in the future, to keep only Antergos.

    So I follow a tutorial, installed Antergos on a USB key, changed a few BIOS setting (my BIOS is in UEFI mode), like disabled fast boot and Security Boot.

    So when I plug my USB key, the computer boots on the key, and it shows me this screen


    So ok no problem, I choose the first option, sometimesit boots fine, but the most of time I see the splash screen, and then I have this black screen

    And I have to reboot, no other choice…

    And when it works, I try to run the installer, but it freezes when I have to choose the Desktop Environment, and I have to reboot, again and again.

    Please do you have a solution ?

    Asus Windows 10
    Intel Core i5
    Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M

  • Hi!
    Everything looks normal in your second picture except for the first four lines. The last two are only recognizing the USB key, however there is definitely something wrong with the other lines. I am not super technical, but I know that the install process of Antergos can be rather touchy. Personally, I would recommend simply reinstalling Antergos to your USB key in order to just get a fresh start at it, but this time use Etcher instead of Rufus as it is much simpler and has never failed me in my past installs of Antergos.

    My guess is that the problem lies with your installation of Antergos onto your USB key (perhaps it just had a glitch and didn’t work correctly) but I know that Etcher definitely works with Windows 10 since I recently installed Antergos onto my system (which also has Windows 10 in a dual boot setup).

    If this works, you will probably (like me) be surprised that one cannot choose “dual boot” as an install option by default. However, there is an exceedingly simple way to do this manually within the installer, as shown step by step in
    this article. If you follow the instructions in the article to the letter, it will work perfectly for you.

    Good luck and may your journey with Antergos be a pleasant one🙂

  • So…
    Did this work for you?

    If you need any more help, just let the us know. That"s what the community is here for🙂

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