• Antergos and Win7 in legacy mode: Live USB only boots in EFI mode

    I have an UEFI board, which I manually set from UEFI to legacy boot. USB boot is enabled, secure boot disabled (and doesn’t exist in legacy).

    I have installed Win7 in legacy mode, it works well and boots. Now I am trying to install Antergos in legacy (BIOS) mode next to it. My drive has enough free space ect, so that is good to go too.
    However, my live USB only boots in EFI mode ($ dmesg | egrep "EFI v" confirms this). This ultimately keeps me from finishing the installation process since Cnchi demands /efi/root for GRUB 2.

    I have read every Arch Linux Wiki page on partitions and dual boot ect. . There seem to be a lot of other people experiencing this issue, but hardly anyone could solve it other than to reinstall Win7 in UEFI. The person here https://forum.antergos.com/topic/4689/can-i-force-antergos-to-install-in-bios-mode had the same issue, but I can’t solve it this way since I don’t have that option (alt + F9) in my firmware menu.

    To me, reinstalling Win in UEFI would be my least favored option. I had encountered very time consuming issues then and I hope not having to repeat the process all over again. Additionally, I feel like I have come so far already. Maybe I am just a tiny step away.

    Here are some ideas that are currently going around in my mind:

    Is there a way to “trick” Cnchi, so I can proceed the install without /efi/boot, or make it install from a “legacy perspective”? Maybe there is a way to “trick” my computer? I am using an Acer Travelmate P-648. As far as I know, Acer only has F2, F12 and alt+ F10 as options upon boot.
    Or is the live USB the problem? Though I used Rufus and made sure it would be MBR not GPT.

    Or maybe this: Install Antergos on the drive with a separate /efi/boot partition. Then boot, let’s say Arch or any linux distribution from a USB stick, remove said partition and manually install GRUB2 into the already existing MBR?

    I really want to make this work and I am also having fun with this learning experience. I used Antergos on a USB for the past 6 months, I am absolutely in love, and it all comes down to me wanting to use Windows for gaming.

    Yes, I have also considered installing Arch, but then, I really enjoy the easiness of Antergos.

    So thanks for your help!

  • Hi!

    I know in my BIOS there is an “Enable Legacy” option, but then again my computer is newer than yours I think.

    Anyways, perhaps this is disabled?

    Also, I know with Dell, if I push F12 while booting, it gives me the option to boot in EUFI mode or Legacy mode, maybe Acer has something similar?

    I wish I could help more, but I thought that a little help is at least better than no help🙂
    Good luck and hope this helps🙂

  • Hi,
    after two days of working on it, I finally have it fixed. I ended up reinstalling Win7 twice in UEFI. It was such a headache as Win7 doesn’t have drivers for USB 3.0, so I had to patch it and a bunch of drivers where missing, but now that is fixed. Everything works smoothely.

    The problem really is, that Cnchi didn’t give me the option to install in legacy. That was the main problem and I could not achieve that even by setting my BIOS to legacy. And I didn’t want to have a mixed drive with MBR + EFI on my drive. It is not really recommended to mix different partition tables.

    Then, if you have an Acer Laptop, like I do, you need to add grub’s .efi in your BIOS under security settings in order to have grub as a boot option. It is important to have grub before your hard drive or the windows boot manager in your UEFI boot order. Otherwise you’ll end up in Windows straight or need to press F12 (in my case) to seperatly select grub.

    I would like to point to this article, which did the trick in adding Windows as an option in grub. https://forum.antergos.com/topic/4081/how-to-dual-boot-antergos-windows-uefi-expanded

    After these past two days, I feel like an expert in dual booting…

  • Nice!

    Glad to hear your problem is finally solved😀

    Since you are now “an expert on dual booting” perhaps you could write an article about it in the wiki for others to use.

    Have fun with your new system and good luck!

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