I just installed Antergos on my laptop with the following data:

Gigabyte P35X v5
Intel i7-6700HQ
NVIDIA 980M / Intel 530 Optimus
Intel HM170 Chipset

I followed the guide to getting Bumblebee installed via the Antergos Bumblebee guide (sorry can’t seem to post the link). I will note however that I did not install the power saving patch yet due to the difficulties that I have had so far.

Once I installed Bumblebee, I was not able to boot the system. Unfortunately I did not record the error at the time and instead booted in using the fallback option in grub and then uninstalled in using “sudo pacman -Rc bumblebee”. This successfully uninstalled Bumblebee and allowed the system to boot but the login screen is a blank screen. I am able to login by remembering the login steps by pushing enter and entering my account password, at which point I get the desktop back.

After getting back in the desktop, I can confirm using the NVIDIA X Server application that the 980M card is being used and reports back the cards temperature. I would however like to get the black screen fixed and get the Optimus behavior working so that I can use the power saving benefits.

I am unsure which log files I need to take a look at to post for helping me diagnose the error, so apologies for not attaching any log files.

Thank you in advance for any help the community can offer!