• Installing Codeblocks

    How Do Install Codeblocks? 😧

  • @Rusiru yaourt -S codeblocks

  • @raffael Thanks Mate but i cant run codes why?

  • @Rusiru Unfortunately i’m unable to help if you don’t share details. Are errors popping up on screen? If yes, which one? All dependencies are satisfied? Did you tested your code in other machine and it compiled/ran flawlessly?

  • @raffael 0_1495464172142_codeblock error.png Here you have screenshot

  • @Rusiru It seems that Code::Blocks is calling xterm, which is not installed by default in Antergos. This may be the cause of errors. Try installing xterm:

    sudo pacman -S xterm

  • @raffael thanks lot buddy problem solved 🖐🏼

  • @Rusiru you can also change the terminal in Codeblocks settings, so you can use gnome-terminal if you want (I cannot provide you the exact location, because I don’t use Codeblocks anymore, but you can find the setting pretty easily).

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