• python2-cairo 1.13.1.-1 breaks dependencise for pycairo

    the latest update gives me this error message. What should I do?

  • i think pycairo i not aviable anymore and you need to uninstall it.

  • O, I see, its a little more tricky.
    pycairo is not the package whose dependencies would be broken, and I cannot uninstall pycairo .

    “:: mapnik: das Installieren von python2-cairo (1.13.1-1) löscht ein benötigtes Packet von ‘pycairo’”

    I uninstalled viking, hoping to install it after the update.
    So the update-procedure went ok. But to install viking again, it needs pycairo. And here we are at the beginning.

  • reinstalling should work now package is updated to new dependencies…

    depends on:
    depends before on pycairo and now on python2-cairo.

  • @joekamprad
    Great Thanks!!

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