• Cinnamon problems after an update.

    I had several problems with my cinnamon. I thought it is something I done but after fresh install I stil have the same issues.
    Here is the list of them:

    1. names of icons don’t show on desktop; of course you can rename them
    2. shortcut for volume up is broken - the bar goes far beyond the borders
    3. shortcut for brightness doesn’t work at all

    Please fix this. I perceived Antergos Cinnamon as the best Cinnamon integration out there. Want for it to stay the same.
    Thank you!

  • I am also experiencing these issues. Hope they get fixed soon.

  • HI!
    Were the problems addressed by now? Would like to switch back to Antergos.

  • $ sudo pacman -R gnome-desktop

    may solve the issue?

  • @osomfinch i do not think you will have such problem on a fresh install now, this was caused by the gtk update.
    I do a install in VM and no issue with cinnamon.

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