I have a FuryX card and wanted to try out the latest mesa, I am using the testing and multilib-testing repositories atm and so I enabled mesa-git repo and updated, it replaced the lib32-mesa and mesa with git versions as expected, and from what I can tell it installs fine.

The issue is when I restart X (tried also a reboot, no difference) it just hangs with a mouse cursor I can move around on a black screen. Is there a bug in the mesa-git that prevents the normal KDE login screen from appearing? Is there a fix? is this common? am I missing something? et al possible questions.

I’m using latest kernel4.11 hardened. I have tried default kernel.
I have tried with and without DRI3, also tried with and without amdgpu.powerplay
The package the causes the issue in specific is mesa-git, I can actually run the other git packages from [mesa-git] repo fine.

PS. I mistakenly posted this in the arch forum, and was directed here as they said antergos isn’t arch.