• Desktop Todo App

    I am looking for a desktop task application.

    I want to add my tasks, be able to have them repeat, be able to check them off, and reminders would be nice. The main thing though is that it does not require an account (offline, desktop).

    I can’t seem to find anything like this (for Antergos Linux of course).


  • Well I guess that is why I can’t find anything.

    There is nothing. I was thinking someone would have replied by now. Interesting.

  • Well, I went into the package manager and did a search under tasks and found Taskcoach, etmtk, NitroTasks, and outspline in the AUR repository. all of them seem able to do what you ask. If you’re running Gnome, you can probably do something along the lines of what you want in the Personal calendar, which is kept on the computer and does not require you to be online. There may be others as well.

  • There is also Osmo, JPilot, and gtg-git. If you’re running KDE, it seems KOrganizer would also do what you want, although perhaps a bit heavy-handedly.

  • Thanks man.

    Taskcoach I tried awhile ago and is super old, dated and broken.

    NitroTasks looks good but can’t seem to do repeating tasks. They do seem to be working on a new version though so it may be good.

    Outspline seems complicated, or at least I don’t know how to do a regular task list I can check off.

    etmtk is kind of close, but missing a nice checkoff completed feel, seems dated and weird.

    The other ones seem dated as well and not updated anymore…still trying some of them out though…

    thanks for the options. What is that gnome calendar you refer called? I am using Cinnamon so I should be able to install it…

  • tried that one awhile ago…

    most seem to not be able to do repeating tasks.

  • If you like console apps, this will do:


    But I feel you’re looking for something more fancy…

    I use this web based app (in my phone, but you can use it in your desktop): https://www.rememberthemilk.com/

    Anyway, google is your friend… ;)

  • Guys,

    repeating tasks, offline/desktop/no accounts

    So there are 100s out there like remember the milk…but they require accounts.

    taskwarrior is too complicated for me

  • @noobertroon said in Desktop Todo App:

    What is that gnome calendar ?

    Ups, I didn’t see this. You can add tasks and meetings in Google Calendar. It’s a web app, you need a google email address.



  • I am running Gnome3 and it has gnome-calendar installed (available in the Antergos repositories). While it has an offline calendar featured (Personal), I don’t think (after looking at it some more) that it will do the other things you are wanting to do.

  • Thanks guys.

    Great suggestions. The issue is that I don’t want to have to create an account.

    Some of these like the Gnome Todo app is quite nice but it’s simple and not does do repeating tasks. We are getting closer though. I think I am just going to have to wait on Nitro v3 and see what happens with that.

    I am currently using TickTick which is nice but is online and requires an account. I want to get rid of that.

  • Have you checked “osmo” and “rainlendar”?
    I searched on internet, never tested them and don’t know if they are offline, but it seems so.

  • I didn’t install it as the website looked quite dated (the screenshots).

    I did just now and it’s decent. I think Osmo might be the one I use (at least until the new Nitro). It does seem to do everything I want. I am at least testing it out now.

    Thanks dude.

  • yes Rainlendar depends on openssl098 and is not really a GUI it is more a “desklet”

  • Gnome ToDo

  • Gnome ToDo does not appear to allow you to set a task as repeating.

  • Aside from Gnome ToDo, i also recommend Go For It (AUR package).

  • I think it will be more a calendar as a todo list App… Most calendar have scheduler like tasks and Meetings…

  • @noobertroon said in Desktop Todo App:

    repeating tasks, offline/desktop/no accounts

    Thunderbird with the Lightning addon has a great task and event manager – I use it for all my calendar events as it has the ability to repeat events and add custom reminders as well. Lightning might already be installed by default when you install Thunderbird through the repos – there was some integration issues a few weeks ago but I believe those have been sorted out.

    You can run Thunderbird offline, not entirely sure about access to Lightning without an email account but I would say it’s likely. I know for sure it has offline .ics calendar support.

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