• Spotify broken

    Hey Spotify has not worked for a while. Is some going to fix it so we all can install it? I wish I new how but still learning.

    JOHN V

  • Can you be more specific? Are you unable to install? Did you import the the keys below? https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/spotify/

    gpg --recv-keys --keyserver hkp://pgp.mit.edu D9C4D26D0E604491
    gpg --recv-keys --keyserver hkp://pgp.mit.edu 5CC908FDB71E12C2
  • @John-Vore Spotify had some issues with shared libraries lately, but is now fixed. Have you updated Spotify recently? If don’t, try doing it. Regards.

  • I imported the keys and got it working thanks guys.

    JOHN V

  • @John-Vore Glad that worked. Please, update the post status to “Solved”. Regards.

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