after I upgraded my antergos machine yesterday (17-5-17) I havnt been able to boot my machine anymore.
I have downgraded all packaged to$repo/os/$arch (it might have typing errors here but it worked in chroot).
I am not able to go into any tty, just a black screen.
I am using a kde neon 5.8 live usb right now, if I need antergos live usb ill make one.
before the black screen it stats the usual processes, loading kernel modules fails.
loading linux-lts kernel …
loading initialrandisk …
starting version 232
/dev/sdc4:clean, (x/x files, x/x blocks)
[FAILED] failed to start Load Kernel Modules.
see ‘systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service’ for details.
everything else if ok

if I am using the lts kernel it flashes,
[OK] loading network interface (something along those lines)
and then it loops back to the flashes

I have not changed hardware or anything else, but I have not removed any packages lately that might be removed wrongly to break things after the upgrade.