• Configure behavior on lid close when plugged in


    I have just installed antergos and been a windows user for the longest time. Windows has full control of what to do when the lid is closed when running on battery versus when plugged in, as well as screen timeouts when on battery versus plugged in.

    Is there a way to configure the system to that extent and specify different behavior on batter versus external power?


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    Yes, there is a way. It should be under power manager settings.

  • @moredoor

    I already checked the power settings but there are only some capabilities like what the power button does, what closing the lid does. But nothing to differentiate behavior on battery versus external power.

  • Look at etc/systemd/logind.conf and see if there are any lines there that could be uncommented and edited to suit your needs.

    Edit: looks like you need acpid and scripts to handle acpi events to differentiate behavior between battery and ac.

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