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    what do you use to make screenshot and paste this inside forum e.t.c.
    And where to bin logs?

    I use imgur but only because it is aviable i do not think about…
    Today i try to find a minimalistic solution to take a shot and autoupload to service…
    only thing i can get work was imgur-screenshot but this is working:
    imgur-screenshot in action

  • At the moment Iam using imgur but I have 50Gb unused webspace and if I ever get the time I will use that with a little script wich needs to be written.
    For taking the shot I have always used scrot and I will do in the future.


  • @joekamprad Nice. Didn’t know about that and it’s even useable on my macbook.


  • @joekamprad i still have scrot installed here, the script is working? if so i can replace lighshot with it…

  • A quick test says it’s working as supposed, but I didn’t go deeper nor have I checked the script for options or read the code.


  • @mutze yeah, the script is huge, and i’m no expert too…
    There may be more scripts about this too.

  • For me it’s only a temporary solution, as I wan’t to use my own webspace and then make a script wich will have to take the shot, creates a thumbnail with imagemagick and then do the upload. Shouldn’t be too complicated but the problem is you need the time to do so and it’s more or less summertime…


  • @mutze
    I just tested imgur-screenshot-git and is working, fast to install (different from shutter), although is not that good as lightshot.

    Hotshot is also a very nice tool, but again can’t beat lightshot…

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