• install in Virtual box Antergos 17.5 64bit..virtual box

    what must choose to install in Virtual box Antergos 17.5 64bit…FOR FIRST TIME INSTALL AS VDI VM… If choose boot from hdd I get // WELL…? i BOOT AS LIVE CD BUT I WANT INSTALL AS VM…
    0_1494958682040_2017-05-16_21-16-14 antergos linux.png

  • First boot the livecd and from this you go to install to Disk (VD)

  • @lsepolis123
    hi i just tested and is working fine here
    You need to select “Boot from livecd” and then install
    after the system load, the installer will update and appear for you, trust me :p

  • @fernandomarotohow do you install lightshot?

  • @joekamprad said in install in Virtual box Antergos 17.5 64bit..virtual box:

    First boot the livecd and from this you go to install to Disk (VD)

    WHERE IS THIS >>>> go to install to Disk (VD) ???

  • As this is a virtual system you need to start the Antergos-Live-Image (CD) as fernandomarotohow show,
    right like on a real install you start the CD and from that CD you start installing the Antergos-System from inside the Live-System,
    CNCHI will pop up automaticly, and guide you true the installation…
    In the Virtualbox settings you see:

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @joekamprad yes i use it through playonlinux (not sure if 32 or 64 bits wine machine, one of the versions didn’t work after installation).

    Not to offend linux comunnity but we lack a good software as lightshot for uploading pics.

    The old shutter is only in the AUR and depends on old packages

  • I did but installation says cannot continue due error 610676… what is this???

  • better to not choose to much extra options.
    wich environment do you want to install?

  • I chose all options and only left 1 or 2. . KDE

  • I am not a KDE guy, may some Plasma user can give a hint?
    But you can install everything later too.

  • so what desktop other than KDE is the easiest to install… and is the default… ?

  • Hi!

    I believe the “default” desktop is Gnome, although I know that KDE should have worked also (at least I know it does on a real installation due to other people on this Forum mentioning KDE being great on Antergos🙂)

    When I installed Antergos in a VM about a month ago, I just used Gnome and it worked perfectly for me. I don’t know if this will be the case for you, but hopefully this comment at least helps🙂

    Have fun with Antergos and just keep at it, it is an amazing distro!

  • @lsepolis123 I would choose xfce to install or base system without any DE… then install kde…
    But i just install KDE without any issue from latest iso inside VM.
    But i chose only KDE (in DE chooser) and let the options as they are.


  • @lsepolis123 said


    Just install KDE on top of Gnome.
    sudo pacman -S antergos-kde-setup
    (or find the package in pamac Gui and install it from therein)
    You might also like to install kdeplasma-addons. An addon I like is application launcher which looks better and is more functional than in Gnome
    Though there s dispute over how trouble-free such a combination of different libraries (QT, GTK) are, my own experience after using it for over a year in a secondary machine, proved flawless (at least so far).

    • You switch between them from your login screen.
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