• Gnome Boxes Segfaulting

    Boxes starts up briefly then crashes. Googling didn’t come up with much. Removed the ~/.local/share/gnome-boxes and ~/.cache/gnome-boxes directories, and reinstalled, but still getting the same error outputs below. Running rolling kernel on both computers, but this seems to be only an issue on one of them. This started immediately after a distro froze on install and where I had to perform a forced shutdown of the VM.


    [  470.956505] gnome-boxes[3415]: segfault at 10 ip 0000000000499636 sp 00007ffd08ea8120 error 4 in gnome-boxes[400000+144000]


    [[email protected] ~]$ gnome-boxes
    (gnome-boxes:3415): Libvirt.GObject-CRITICAL **: gvir_storage_vol_get_info: assertion 'GVIR_IS_STORAGE_VOL(vol)' failed
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    gnome-boxes --checks

    [[email protected] ~]$ gnome-boxes --checks
    (gnome-boxes:3525): Boxes-WARNING **: util-app.vala:250: Failed to execute child process ?restorecon? (No such file or directory)
    • The CPU is capable of virtualization: yes
    • The KVM module is loaded: yes
    • Libvirt KVM guest available: yes
    • Boxes storage pool available: yes
    • The SELinux context is default: no


  • May you try something more configurable?

    $ sudo pacman -S virt-manager
    $ sudo systemctl enable libvirtd.service
    $ sudo systemctl start libvirtd.service
  • I much preferred virt-manager when I was running Xubuntu or Ubuntu Gnome,and tried getting it to work last evening without luck. I swear I executed the same commands last night, maybe I had the ‘enable’ and ‘start’ command orders reversed? Anyways, I just un-installed gnome-boxes, installed qemu, and executed the above suggested commands and all is good!

    Thanks Joe!

  • Would not make a difference, enable is for autostart on boot, start is starting it on the run. May you start the manager before the service because it needs to restart if he service is not running, the manager still runs in background on only closing its window.

  • Got it. That would make sense then. Understanding the Arch Wiki feels like reading a foreign language sometimes, very dense in content, and confusing for a noob. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere here and members taking the time for hand holding.

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